Game Masters: Possible solution to bots?

I don’t know if anyone here played Ragnarok Online, but they had something called “Game Masters” in game, they looked different from normal players (their outfits) and had certain authority like having commands the normal players didn’t, some helped with in game questions, bugs, events and some specialized in banning bots. They would usually be invisible and had [GM] at the start of their name.

Obviously they would be like in game workers hired by amazon that require to be knowledgeable about the game. I think it would be a reasonable solution. I’m pretty sure amazon has the money to hire at least 2 game masters per server. We are in desperate need of action and if amazon doesn’t do anything this game will die fast.

This has been suggested, multiple times, and it has been confirmed by Amazon this is not a solution currently being considered.

That’s because it would require a significant rework of the entire game to implement such system tools, on top of additional salaries.

It’s also a system that is extremely vulnerable to corruption, which has been showcased in WoW where GMs have literally fucked with players just for the hell of it.

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Game companies are to cheap. GM’s are a good fix but realistically you need 3 fulltime workers per server but IF only banning bots is their job maybe 3 per 2-3 servers and they aim for the more obvious bots as those on the market or being used to actually move currency aren’t as easily noticable.

Instead they want a cheap hardware solution but at the same time are scared of NA players whining about auithenticating accounts and EU laws restricting collecting address location which they can still do plenty w/o hitting that law. Steam is also a bit of a problem as Steam has no interest in authenticating accounts so it would have to be a seperate issue through LA web services.