Game mode suggestion for Smilegate

I hope for Open World pvp we get to have trade runs to make full use of the ship and sea feature, where people can craft trade packs and sail from city to city to do trades runs, can be groups of 4 in a party and other ships that can be pirates to intercept and PVP you for the packs, in 4v4, so there won’t be such thing as getting overwhelmed or ganking. This will enable the game to craft more crafting and jobs making gathering materials a lot more fun and boosting the economy with materials in the marketplace.

The prices of the trade packs also depend on how many people are selling at a certain point so the best routes are always changing plus the distance traveled between the continents are also accounted in, land traveling can also be a thing with new kinds of vehicles that can transport 4 by 4 players, all PVP will be 4 vs 4 in PvE gear that can be normalized. Can also create vehicles/ships that can hold double the packs and allow 8 v 8 PVP.

So the whole system will enable:
1)4 v4 / 8 v 8 PVP in the open world
2)Extra gathering/crafting professions
3)Economy boosting materials in the marketplace
4)New Vehicles/Ships that can be crafted to run such trade runs
5)More open-world endgame content than just sitting around waiting for arenas/dungeons or raids.

Please help give constructive feedback thanks!