Game needs a "wealth tax"

Whales need to be taxed with all proceeds going to mokoko players and players of casual playstyle.

Whales are exploiting the labor market, making it impossbile for a mokoko to survive in this world. Raising the maximum gold characters per week would help this out, but ultimately the whales need to pay their fair share in taxes.

I propose a marginalized tax system which taxes players based on amount swiped per month. 50% of gross swiping should go to this fund which can divi out all tax dollars to the mokoko players and players of casual.

Whales took advantage of the free bots labor which this economy was built on and now the 1% of whales own over 50% of the games gold.

We need this wealth tax to fund mokokos to 1415, other countries get to 1415 for free, but on american servers we must pay for this, which is unfair

Also we should get free repair cost, not everyone can afford aura insurance. Make repairing a players right.


Then whales just stop whaling and game go down because AGS/SG makes less/no money


Tell us you don’t know how to farm gold without telling us you don’t know how to farm gold.


:joy::joy:Phew…Right when thought i heard it all!


This will just make RMT even cheaper giving all those mokoko’s the gold lol.

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  1. Whale tax goes to mokoko player
  2. 95% of mokoko players are bot
  3. Whale tax gets sold to cheaters via RMT for pennies

Mind blown you singlehandedly fixed the economy right there


Do you second roaster on another serv, use HV to exchange with it/retrieve gold.
done. for free.
Not even any need to buy char extention slots.

well played.

tell us you don’t work without telling us you don’t work

I’m Bernie Sanders and I approve of this message.


Real life needs a wealth tax as well but here we are.

The rich get richer and the poor need to suck it up and start saving your pennies.

stop being poor?


i have a feeling that this thread is a joke but if it’s not… then it’s a pretty weird one.


Don’t think that whales are like a dragon. In reality, perhaps they do amass large quantities, especially if it is RMT, which is nonsense. But also everyone spends gold as fast as it comes in. If you don’t, inflation eats you up.

What is HV?

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Jajaja this guy trump university graduate

Brain fuse blown… You can’t tax effort, just last week I made 1 million gold with my roster, not gonna share my effort with anyone.

Someone put in 10% of the effort you did. They deserve 30% of your earnings. Taxation is theft.

Thats right