Game not closing after gpu driver update

yep the process thats running to high is system and is not closable… did all trouble shooting with eac without any change… gonna try one more time i quess… the dcs was already anoing enough to make me wanna check out out the next poe league… gonna be honest ill probebly never quit this game but im am done swiping until **** gets fixed an might take a break untill brell… i love this game but i also love poe and wanna check out d4… when bugs happens in poe they work 24/7 untill its fixed while here they dont even adress issues in the forums just copy paste the same trouble sghoting guide for everything… man i dont know i im just sad about the constant issues

Aahhhh yesss… I forgot about that part.
Will try again later :+1:

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Hi everyone,

I don’t think this has anything to do with a GPU driver update.
I do think this is an EAC issue.

I have managed to get the CPU core #1 ( the second core ) to not be at 100% utilisation.
Uninstall EAC to fix the problem.

I have a thread with my notes in it here
Lost Ark will not stop in Steam - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (

One more on the list of “EAC bad”.

what do you mean by “Unistall EAC”? Just deleting the folder?

Hi @tobix, you can run the EAC setup program and the is an uninstall function from within that program. Deleting the folder is probably not a good idea.

Troubleshooting EAC Issues - Support | Amazon Games
One of the options on that page details how to uninstall and reinstall EAC.

Repair Service, Reinstall, Update, or Verify EAC
To repair Easy Anti-Cheat:

  1. Open the Lost Ark Application in your Steam library.
  2. Open Settings, select Manage, and then Browse Local Files.
  3. Go to Steam > steamapps > common > Lost Ark > Binaries > Win64 and open the EasyAntiCheat folder.
  4. Right click the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file, and select Run as administrator.
  5. Select Current game, if it’s not the default option, and then select Repair Service.

There is an uninstall option once you have EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe running as an administrator there is an uninstall button … use that.
Reboot your computer and check steam to see if the game is still running, it should not be (which was my experience)

Of course this will mean that Lost Ark will not run.
Steam will run properly and if you had noticed you will find that your task manager is reporting normal performance on CPU ID1 and also the System process will run normaly.

To play Lost Ark again you may have Steam verify the files.

It’s interesting what you say because I don’t have EAC installed on my PC so the option is greyed out.
This means that people who have this problem have a version of EAC installed on their PC that runs on the kernel level and that makes the two conflict.

This would be interesting to check.

what do you mean you dont have eac? its in lost ark you cant launch without it

Yes EAC is installed with Lost Ark but not as a program so you can’t uninstall it.
Each game runs their version of EAC at launch and therefore adds the EAC program to their folder.

The fact that the uninstall option is visible means that EAC is really installed on the PC as a program and it’s possible that it’s the version running on the kernel.
And this could be a conflict between the two.

I just checked with a person who has this bug and the uninstall button is usable.
It would be necessary to check with people who have no problem.

i think steam instals it becuse i unistaled as a eac trouble shot sugested and steam installed it again

Hi Travelers !

We had an update on our Official News today about this issue being addressed , please refer to this as additional Troubleshooting below:

if the issue persist after that , please send a web ticket to our team so we can investigate with more details for our team to help us.

Amazon Games

Contact Us | Amazon Games

Thanks for the patience have an excellent week all of you

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it works now ty for fast fix

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Mine didnt Close aswell without updatin gfx Driver since Some time now. Its AGS and Not the Updated driver

Hi @yayaya

If you still have issues with the game running on the background after closed please contact our support team and report this via a web ticket so we can investigate more and assist you.

Please visit this link to create the web ticket for our team:
Select In-game Issues → Something Else → Contact Us → Web ticket.

Thank you very much for your patience.
Have a great week.


I applied the EAC fix yesterday and today after closing the game guess what happened?The game was still running.

They didn’t fix anything.

UPDATE:I restarted the game and closed it again.Now it closed.
What is going on with this game.

Hi @wiseolddude

I apologize you still have this issue , if the troubleshooting steps here on the link below doesn’t work , please report this via a web ticket for our devs to work on it.

Thank you for reaching us !


You prob had to restart your pc for eac fix to take hold

I did the fix yesterday and restarted yesterday.That’s the wierd part.

The fix got rolled out during the afternoon evening so prob did it before like me

I did it after they officially announced it.