Game not playable ANYMORE

Always there are 2-3 Guys in a Raid having a DC. Myself also has sporadic DC’s.

Playing on Armen Server.

Happens since Patch yesterday.

Any fix ?


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We are getting multiple reports of this issue and the team is aware. What is your character name?

This keeps disconnecting me as well.

USEast - Kharmine - Rhanirya

it just let me rejoin the chaos I was in but then sent me back to Vern Castle and used one of my aura of resonance even though I was only half way through…

Well i have many Characters … i dont need any special support… just would like to see this in the offical News and would like to read that you work on this

I went ahead and passed this onto the team so they can ensure a good connection. :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience!

i’ve gotten a disconnect in 3 vykas runs so far this week. getting annoying :confused:

We apologize about any issues and thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this!