Game not responding on launch

I’ve purchased the game, played for 4hours reached level 24, entered a dungeon and I got an error 105 that crashed my game and didn’t allow me to enter the game anymore. After trying a few of the fixes attempts below, I no longer get the error but the game won’t launch either, I find it in the Task bar everytime eating memory and “Not responding” just after the Lost ark EAC screen loads.

I tried all the solutions provided on the internet:

  • Verify integrity files 2 times
  • Reinstalled the game 3 times
  • Updated visual and windows drivers
  • Reinstalled Directix11
  • Updated Visual C++ runtime
  • Added Fullscreen on launch options
  • Removed overlay
  • Repair EAC 3 times

I was really having a lot of fun with the game, please help.

Screenshot of game after launching from steam:

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I suggest trying to launch the game as administrator. This helped me with a similar issue during the Beta.

Hello! @ToTeR

I hope you are doing great today!

I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing which is not allowing you to log in to the game. I see that you have done many different troubleshooting steps.

Let me recommend you that now that you have done all those troubleshooting steps to restart your PC, then open steam as admin and launch the game.

If the issue persist please get in contact with a representative from the live channels to make the report on this issue.

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