Game not running

It’s been awhile since I last played so when I recently decided to play I was shocked. Despite showing the start of the anti-cheat program and it disappearing after it complete, nothing change on my desktop. I used Task Manager and found an entry for Lost Ark using over 500 MB. I checked my steam library and found that it said it was running. But no where on the task bar did I see an indication that the program was running. What gives?

After the EAC screen goes away theres a splash screen that comes up with an image and the lost ark logo. This will appear on the desktop behind all other tabs, until it is clicked on then it will come to the front. If you had any other tabs open on the same monitor launching the game, most likely the splash screen was hiding behind your other tabs. This also does not appear as a program on the taskbar, and takes 2-3 minutes to finish loading and launch the game.

Well the splash screen you are talking about, before it never failed to appear. Also how long should I have to wait, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1/2 hour? I wait for 10 minutes one time before giving up and now I have it supposedly run and still no game.

If the splash screen isnt coming up at all, then theres a bigger problem, have you tried verifying files or reinstalling? The game should not take more than 5 minutes to launch, maybe 10 if your drive is very slow.

I did an uninstall thru my steam account after the first time. I may try one more time. I’m just puzzled as to why it all a sudden started doing this. According to Task Manager it’s a background process, the client, and it’s using 552.5 Megs of ram and doing not a damn thing

Thats interesting, i have no idea why its doing that sorry, but if its not using any cpu or disk its most likely not doing anything unfortunately, 500MB of RAM is also pretty low usage, I think mine uses at least 3GB. If verifying files and/or reinstalling didnt work, i guess you could try contacting the lost ark support directly if you havent already and see what they think about it.

Well the problem there is that other than my Amazon ID(customer) they are asking for information I normally don’t have in this situation. That is I didn’t write down the server I’m on or the name of my main toon. That information I don’t even write down for games I regularly play. So I find their approach stinks.