Game only for whales now at relic?

So…The inflation is out of control from RMT people. The relic accessories do not have any kind of trade in system like the legendary set had from Argos/Oreha weekly. And we’re forced to look at the market for the extremely rare things we need. Which cost anywhere from 50k up to 200k+ gold.

I currently have 4 characters ready for relic accessories. 1 of which is almost 1460, and has no relic accessories, another at 1437 or so with none. And a support…which also has none. The only character I got some on, is my striker who is 1470 parked, cause trying to hit 5x3 if you arent a whale or rmter…just takes too long. Im not even using good relic accessories. Just good enough stuff that I can get by with that gives me extra stats.

The game is bleeding players right now. I have talked to many hardcore people on my server, and they agree with my point of view on it. To get a second engraving at legendary which I need to get good 5x3, plus the stone. Plus the accessories. On so many characters. Is just too much. I stalled my progress for 2+ weeks and sold everything to buy grudge books to max that out. While they were cheap at 10k gold. Now I have to do it…another 3 times for accessories? So 6 more weeks? Plus do it on 3 other characters that have different engraving usage? So another 18 weeks of doing nothing?

There should be some kind of trade in system for relics like there was for legendary set. Because as this system works. Its just too much time doing nothing and getting nothing for my time spent. I played the game 8-12 hours every day for the last like 7 months. And at this point, its just not feeling rewarding or fun anymore.

This is why the game is bleeding players. We are down 25% peak players roundabout. Even a week after the release of the Clown raid. And its because players who arent willing to dish out thousands, cant gear up for it. I have been dedicated and grinding my way through every single day. But im still far behind, and Im slowly losing my love for the game.

I have gotten exactly, 2 relic accessories that were not garbage that got dismantled. Both I sold cause they werent for my class/engraving usage. And I made 70k from it. Enough to buy what. like 4-5 books? Out of the 20 needed?

Im all for putting time in a game and getting there over time. But its been months and months. And this just isnt rewarding at this level. It seems made for only the whales and people who break the rules and rmt.

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I honestly feel like before relic. It was perfectly fine for f2p players and non giga whales. You got like 22 chances per week to get an accessory with what you needed. And if you didnt get it after a couple weeks you could always buy one.

But now at this level. Its anywhere from 10x-40x the cost for what you need. And It does not feel rewarding or fun to grind day after day the same stuff and never get anything you need. Week after week doing legion raids, taking the extra chests, and then getting a few mats and accessories that you dismantle because they are worthless. So if you really want to gear up as fast as possible, you just stop taking the chest, cause it costs gold.

Its great when you get something good. I got a couple 3 expert 3 blessed aura accessories with swiftness on my paladin, and it enabled me to really gear out well for him. And I got that on every single one of my characters in the legendaries. I have yet, to get 1 single relic accessory that I can actually use. It may just be bad luck. But if its that reliant on luck if you arent willing to pay thousands. Then its not a rewarding system that will keep players around for time to come.

Then spend some cash and help fighting inflation…
Good old times for F2P are over. No more gigawhales sponsoring the game for everybody. They either got banned or parked their mains at max item level.

U’r not supposed to buy everything day 1 anyway, just safe your gold a few weeks and buy whatever you want. Or let fomo hit and swipe <:)

Like i said. Im not a whale. But I have spent about 100 bucks a month on this game to buy skins, and aura, and a few quality of life things. But im not a giga whale.

The fact im doing that, and im still stalled out because of the whale and inflation from rmt and prices of things at this level. Tells me everything I need to know moving foward to even higher sets. That if you arent willing to pay literal thousands and trade for gold to buy what you need, you’re gonna grind for months to buy it from someone else. That is neither rewarding, or fun.

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now this game is already pay to progress thats the defination but the game has already been incentizived for people to deposit money into the game. in other mmos they had a system of raiding as much as you want so we have the opportuniy to constantyl get money and by doing those raids we had a chance to get valuable items that could be sold for god money. but unfortunately it is not enough to progress as we depend on weekly and daily content to progress in this game and the drop rate of precious accessory that can be sold for good gold is %1 this is to either wait for the weekly content to progress further to save gold by doing them every week. or to use the easies way to progress with real money even if you do the dungeons all the jewelry that comes to you is normally garbage unless you are lucky. and a accessory consantly directs you to a bank card or auction house to put a chracters. the game designed for whaled and rmt players. cuz those who make rmt already have enough income to deposit money legally however in the last 3 days there has been a slow increase in the price of gold on 3rd party sites. i think they are out of stock. like i said the games reward system sucks I mean, it would be awful if they didn’t add a reward system like giving gold to players who do dungeons and complete this content. because there would be no reason to do it with the content because the rewards were garbage. it would be worthless to the dungeons. you have two options if you dont have any residual acccessory in one of your chracters you should buy them from the auction house with the gold you get every weeks or yoou should use your wallet. you have no choice or you will fail behind

Hence why I made this post in the first place. If a player can drop cash every month. Run and do all the things every day. And grind it hard as f all the time. And still fall behind. There is no incentive to stick around. Its not rewarding or fun to play something like a job for literal months to get some accessories for 4 toons at relic level.

Its very possible, they are rushing the content out to keep the giga whales interested. And its putting everyone else in a frenzy of fomo because they cant keep up without some serious swiping. But then those players leave. So its just not good to be pushing it out this fast, if you lose players.

I can definitely stop honing and buy what I need. But we’re talking literal months man. I have no problem with whales whaling. They gonna do what they do. But the rmt problem, has made it so drastically bad, that even hardcore grinders and people who regularly dump money into the system, are just stalled out. I know many people in the same situation as me.

They need to start putting the rmt people into negative gold like they do in russia, and taking their ill gotten gains from them. So they stop doing what they’re doing. Its ruining the game.

The longer RMT is allowed to go on unpunished, and unchecked. The worse its going to get on players who dont rmt or giga whale. A ring I sold for 50k a long time ago. Now goes for 200k+ easily. Its so bad, I just am not caring to play it cause its just not rewarding or fun anymore, because of the rmt inflation.

every time i look at the AH to see what it’ll cost to gear one of my alts, i get smoge. i need like 500k on-hand to get a single character in 5x3. i make like 50k gold a week?? max 70k if i buy only clown chests? wot

Well if you think you’re falling behind in relic, where its actually not too bad, you’re probably gone with ancient, when perfect accs actually go for a million plus.

If you have actually 4 chars in 1415, and you’d sell everything for 2-3 weeks. you’d have easily 200-300k gold including weeklys, with current leap/destruction prices. So i don’t think you need actual months to “catch up” to whoever you feel you’re behind on.

In this game, if you dont “whale” you always have to consider whats the best gold spent for the most upgrade my roster can get, and surprise, its usually not honing :slight_smile:

Yeah, if they dont fix this problem. And I mean fast. They’re going to lose everyone but the whales, rmt buyers, and hardcore people who dont mind grinding endlessly.

A big problem with any game, is when an mmo player just gives up because an mmo doesnt respect their time they put in. Its not in a good state. They have the ability to fix it. They need to stop taking it easy on those people who RMT. And actually punish them so they dont do it.

i suppose what’s “not too bad” is going to be relative to whomever you’re asking lol

now if player has a chance to invest around 400 600 dollars every months. the doesnt have to grind hard anywya. the definiton of grindhard applies to f2play playersonly . cuz by swiping the whale bypasses the whole game systems. but f2play players cant do that and a casual player would have to grind hard to catch up with a whale as an example you said yourself if you want you can buy a piece of jewelry that is not in your chracters right now? but this time you have to stop honing cuz you cant buy both honing and accessory at the same time. because this game works like this in every game at least smilegate will not make any changes cuz they are satisfied with these systems. you are f2play and you have to grind very hard to equip a alt chracters with 5 pieces of jewelry. you have to do. finally inflation is not relatd to rmt only. now many players earn between 200k and 150k gold per week by bussing with them including 5 well equipped alts and main chracters. of course players who do not have 6 chracters and are not well equipped earn less gold per week than others. but it is nonsense to attribute the cause of inflation to the rmt it has an effect but it is not the factor. secondly if amazon like russia reduce their players gold to minus they shouldntban the players. if the majority of the players base buys gold from 3part sites applying this system will damage the game very badly. the decision is yours to either money or grind hard and keep making all the non rewarding content at the same time hoping they will drop you a good items :slight_smile:

Yeah, the cost increases, and the barely increased rewards. Its just. Not well designed for anyone but the whales and the hardcores. You arent going to keep alot of people playing the game with that kind of design. Which is why the peak players has dropped 25% a week after clown came out.

Right now its sitting at 166k on steam. And thats WITH the bots. They are bleeding players for a reason. When a game feels unrewarding, people are going to lose interest.

I stalled my progress and didnt hone for weeks to max out grudge. Thats fine. 200k is doable in 2 weeks for sure. But you’re talking about doing that. Over and over again. And then falling behind, because im not a giga whale. Even though im putting in the time.

If a game isnt going to be rewarding to those willing to put in the time. Then its designed for whales. Which most games are to be sure. But they can make it to where it still feels rewarding for people who dont throw literal thousands at the game every month. As it is. This doesnt. And so many people agree with what im saying, thats why im sharing it here. So they see the reason they are losing players.

And this is the reason. This is why. The honing buff is great cause it gets more relics onto the market. Makes early legion raids a crap show with all the nubs who have 2x3 and tier 2 gems. But its w/e. If the prices of things in the future just get worse. And we get slightly increased gold gain, but yet, have to spend another 10-40x on top of what we’re dishing out now. I dont think ill be around for that.

Someone who dishes out 100+ dollars every month. Is not considered f2p. I bought the battle pass and skins and aura and all kinds of stuff. If that is considered f2p. Then its honestly not worth my time.

ok what can you do by depositing 100 dollars per months? can you equip your own chracters in the best possible ways no thats why you are not a pay to win player for me. you are just using the 100 dollars for costume. for me pay to win players are players who invest tons of money in honing mats. like gems. accessory. quality. engravings. honing progress.

Guess all i’m saying now is, i don’t really see who you’re falling behind on. You have legendary grudge apparently, weeks to prepare for atleast one 1490 brel character. It’s still a PvE game, you don’t “compete” in highest ilvl. Unless you’re considering GvG, but thats another meme.

And yea, saving/investing gold over and over again, is literally the way to spent your gold. Ones like it, the others don’t. On the other hand, just get a miracle drop, and you’re set.

Yeah I get you. But the inflation has caused MAJOR issues. The RMT Problems are affected people so badly, they are quitting. I have multiple invested friends that just, dont even load up anymore because of the state of things.

Check and see what a Relic 100 quality spec ring with 5/3 kb adrenaline goes for now. It used to be far less. We dont get THAT much more gold now compared to before. Some more mats at higher levels. But not that much more. Not to justify the inflation. The inflation all comes down to the rmt. Which is killing the game. People are leaving. And everyone knows its a problem. And if they crack down sooner rather than later, they can keep a larger player base moving forward to grow upon.

The reason I made this post. Is I do not want the game to just be for the whales and rmt people. I want to be able to enjoy it myself without getting mad at the state of things, because of the lack of action against those who are ruining the economy. And making it harder for everybody.

I still can with time, get the things I need. But…how long will that really last if the problem keeps getting worse? It needs real solutions, not slaps on the wrists to those doing it.

RMT bad, can’t deny, still wonder why they only get suspended and not perma banned /shrug.

Inflation bad sure, but well, thats why you can sell destruction stones for 16g aswell (atleast atm in euc).

Acc prices are just dumb in general, thanks to g2g enjoyers. Just fyi, my soulfist 5x3 cost me less, then one single good scrapper tai acc would cost me :+1:

But yeah, they could make it way more friendlier for f2p enjoyers, not denying that. Like having to pay pheons, if u just transfer uncut stones from alt to alt is only the beginning to an unending list.