Game optimization

Hi dev.
This is my current pc:
i3-10100F, main H410 pro msi, 16GB Ram ddr4 bus 2666 and RTX 2060 6GB, Windows 11 pro
My game location is in my NVME
I’m writing this after I’ve upgraded my graphic card from gtx 1060 to rtx 2060
I don’t know why this game in Japan sever I’ve played before is so smooth, my 1060 can load to 100%, no lag in chaos dungeon at least it’s stable at a fps without dropping from 60 to less than 40 likes now although I use RTX 2060 now
And my friend, we play together and he has the same problem
We believe there’s problem with hardware optimization, we’ve tried so munch way but now I have to talk about that, we just want to play game more smoother
Thank for reading and hope game better!
P/S: not only chaos dungeon, in Vykass and Valtan, my FPS is 45 and my GPU just load not over 50%

EAC is eating your ressources

I don’t think that because my GPU doesn’t go above 70% in game but it’s completely normal and works at 100% with many other games

Nah, EAC is only resource intensive when booting up, after it is up and it runs all the initial checks is doesn’t consume as much.

The problem that this game uses Unreal Engine 3 (This game started development in 2011 after all), UE3 is the worst of them all in terms of performance when compared with the others, specially for open world games (which is probably why we have areas instead of 1 big map per continent).

Personally, for a gem made on UE3 I find LA quite impresive in terms of details and performance and I don’t think it will never improve due to the limitations of the engine.

but my game in Japan sever is so smooth, my GPU in that sever can load up to 100%

HI everyone, I’m moving this thread from the French to the English-speaking section of the forum, thank you! :slight_smile:

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I just upgraded my rig from 16GB to 32GB RAM. Before the upgrade I peaked at like 15GB RAM usage when running LostArk (Win11 eating many ressources). With the upgrade it goes up to 19GB now.
Maybe adding some more RAM is all you need. But yeah… EAC slows things down a looot (especially loading times from my experience with other games as well), the game is made in UE3 and not perfectly optimised.

Try turning off XP and Gold notifications in your chat windows. That made the game a lot smoother for me.

OMG my game never use over 7GB RAM I swear, I just play in 1080

I’ve tried that bro

yes i do agree with op the western version has bad optimzation compare to other regions.

i do agree ue3 is an old engine which is slow af but compare to other region optimization in the western release is far worse.

Eac is worst ac i have experienced has so many dc and errors and since launch i havent seen ags saying anything or addressing about replacing different ac or updating regards to eac, so it is what it is.

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It actually can but the task manager doesn’t consider it “used”

It will display a normal amount of ram used in the processes page but if you go deeper Performance>Open resource monitor and you will see the game is committing a large amount of ram just to it.
I have never seen this behaviour in other games.

I dunno then? That is what made it stutter for me.

Idk why but only Lost Ark makes my GPU like 80+ Temp. nothing else. Might be game problem.

Since yesterday’s patch the framerate drops like crazy for me as well. I know about the chat thing, but it’s something else. Before the patch I had constant 144 (capped) fps, but now the game drops below 40 and stutters quite a lot. specs are RTX 2080S, I7 8700K with 32gb of ram. The game is on an M.2 SSD.

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when i look on Twitch how Kr version work is so smooth with gameplay npcs textures loading fast
compared to our version EU/NA it’s a joke and IF THEY still didn’t do anything about it (i dont see any chance for getting proper OPTYMALIZATION in game)

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EAC + the fact we have a chat filter.
Been discussed plenty of times and I don’t think they are going to do anything about it because korea have the ID system which we we don’t have and wont get. because of privacy laws.

Your i3 with 2060 likely your computer is CPU bound. So before you were likely limited by visual performance so your processor had no problems, but now that you’ve upgraded your GPU the demand on your processor has increase by a few times. This is why it’s important to have balanced setup.

OK but my CPU never run over 20% if I play game only

Are you using these launch parameters? -notexturestreaming -useallavailablecores
Also try disabling Discord overlay. It might have been the cause of my fps issues as well, I’m currently testing, but it seems promising.