Game performance does not match Korea's

Our version of the game feels like a broken version of Korea’s. The performance walking around is abysmal. Watching Korea streams you can see them move around the world without stutter.

I have a BEAST of a computer. 5k$. And your game runs like dogshit.

I wish we had a game that ran as smooth as korea’s such quality as FFXIV has in NA.

Amazon currently has 2 games that run poorly for people, WHY IS THAT. Why does new world and lost ark both run poorly for people? From your company only.

I almost know the whole game by heart to the point I wont need english letters to read to know what to do in game, and I WILL be moving to Korea’s ver.

Not only does korea treat its players better the game runs better, so why the hell wouldn’t I switch lol.

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It’s worse than ru version. AGS is incompitent. There is no real fight with bots, no fight with rmt(both buyers and seller). Just cash grab and thats all. I am playing only cause of my friends.

I forgot to mention that. I played RU after NA beta ended and RU was extremely smooth while I played.

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I’m afraid they won’t fix it. They already have a hard time fixing the DCs, Imagine fixing performance problems

The game runs smooth and steady like Bezos jacht.
What else do you want from free to play game?

It’s free to disconnect at this point not f2p