Game population dropping yet queues increasing

I have a 1500 hundred queue to log into today. How? Every week this game loses more and more players. This isnt even meant to be a post shitting on the game, i’m legitimately curious how this works.


The game loses more and more people… right…

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“game population drops yet queues increase, how?”

bots count towards game population steam doesn’t filter them out that’s the same thing as saying players instead of bots lmao

I don’t have any take on this just wanted to point that out

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The population isn’t dropping. It’s mostly stable, if very slowly increasing. Whether that’s pure bots or actual players is more up to your level of cynicism.


sure bots are some of it… but there is also a section of players that came back for glaiver and event…

But the game isn’t losing players… it really has become stable with a ± of about 100k

Bro its bots its not getting bigger or popular its just bots they need to do a ban wave to make space… im in a 1400 que and server says full not even moving on launch wasn’t even this bad.