Game Randomly Freezing Entire PC

I know about other Topics on this and i’ve tried every single thing i could to try to fix this to no avail. I noted one thing that is the game is way more likely to crash when i’m playing my Soulfist, currently i have 3 characters, Main sorcerer and a Soulfist and Striker as alts, out of 15 crashes i had so far has been on my Soulfist, as i can’t recall having to reset my PC once when i’m not playing as my Soulfist, so i don’t know if it’s something that is related.
Another problem that plagues me and i see that i’m not alone is that the game as some minifreezes when you open any menu, sometimes even the Inventory can cause the game to minifreeze, it has happened even when no menu is open during an Abyss Dungeon, it’s causing a lot of Headache as i don’t know the cause, but i can be sure that it isn’t Hardware related as there a time i have the game + chrome with 2 streams and a lot of Tabs open, and when i only have the game open and in both cases the game froze my PC. I read in some posts about a Graphic Card being damaged, and i’m stating to get worried about the Health of my PC.
The game is out for more than 2 weeks(counting founders release) and still the only patch we had was Launch day which there wasn’t even any patch notes on what was implemented or fixed.

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I’m having a very similar issue. I hope support fix this soon since I love the game

Hello @Forgotten,

I’m sorry you are going trough this situation.

I will like yo start by saying that you don’t have to worry since Lost Ark its safe to play and there will not be any damage on your graphics card but still keep monitoring it just in case if another program its affecting it.

Now with this said could you please share us your pc specifications please?

System: Windows 10 x64
Processor: AMD FX™-8300 Eight-Core Processor 3.30 GHz
Ram: 16GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1050

I can run all games with 50-60 FPS on High/Medium depending on the game, got 40 FPS on Cyberpunk 2077 at launch state.

And i have constant 50-60 FPS on Lost Ark even on High, lowered to Low to see if the freezes got better no change.

as a Side note, after the post i only played on my Sorcerer and got 0 crashes for more than 4h, going to try to only play my Soul Fist tomorrow at night to see if i crash with my Sorcerer or Striker.

Edit: forgot o metion but game is running on a SSD Kingston SA400S237240G

Thanks for sharing that @Forgotten!

Please as soon as you play again let me know if you experience any crashes.

Have a nice day! :leaves:

Well, i tried to only play my sorcerer today and in about 30 minutes the game froze my PC again, so it’s not class exclusive problem. And to add to it, it happens totally randomly, it froze on cities, on a field map, on the sea voyage, on abyssal dungeon. so i really can’t narrow down to what makes it freeze.
Update: it has been 7h and no crashes after this, i even got DCeD for AFK and got back to the game and still no crash, but i’m still at my sorcerer just entered my SoulFist for 1 minute to get Guild Entrance Ticket.

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im having the same problem since the last maintenance

Same issue since last maintenance. Just crashes and freezes computer.

Second day after the post, yesterday i played for 9+ hours and only got one crash by the end of the day, today i got a crash 20 minutes in, in the middle of my Daily Chaos Dungeon which resulted in me losing one of my daily entries which i need to get to T3, is it possible to get my entry back? since i crashed at 12%.
Edit1:In 1h after this post, it froze 2 times both where it wasn’t the focus aplication.
To add to data on the Freezes, it happens just like a Blue Screen of Death but without the bluescreen.
Edit2:I think i may have found the culprit behind my crashes but i can’t be 100% sure of it, from time to time my windows stops utlizing one of my RAM(it just put it as reserved RAM) while still recoginizing both of my RAMs, it first appeared when i was playing WoW about a year ago, and thinking back on both situations they are extremely similar, where the PC froze up without going into bluescreen. But still i lost a Chaos Dungeon because of a crash, and i think there should be a system in place to not let that happen, because i didn’t fail because i failed, i failed because the game crashed on me.