Game should not be released to the general public before the problems are resolved

Since the release of the game for early access we have experienced certain problems. Some examples are long queues, duplicate packs, down servers (galatur) and people not being able to progress through the story due to problems with the main quest (my case).


@Seawolf !!

Impossible to know what’s going to break until you actually release it to the masses. It’s just an unfortunate fact of online gaming. Period.


Thats true and they have found issues and the past and right now.
Completely agree with you.
while im very annoyed that my characters are stuck I’m also happy that we foundout before release.


We are working on addressing these things throughout the course of the day with all hands on deck – while there are still pieces to be resolved, you can see our latest updates and progress on each issue below…


Locking servers before f2p can play seems like a really bad call.

People have redeeemed their founders packs and spent hours lvling only to find out their f2p friends can no longer join their server. RIP


Thankfully your not in charge. Simply having masses of people trying to make characters on already overwhelmed servers is a terrible idea and they have made a good choice in locking these servers down to avoid ruining the entire experience for the rest of us.


Yeah, NO. Not gonna happen. Game launches F2P 2/11/2022!!! WOOHOO!!!

Then their f2p friends should have spent 18 dollars. It cant be that important to them if they didn’t. Theyve gone a few days without playing together, I’m sure they can make it a few more until smilegate pumps out a server transfer tool for Amazon.

Its more important that those who DID buy packs continue to receive uninterrupted play time rather than letting all the f2p friends flood servers and create 25k ques so that NO ONE is playing, alone, with friends, or otherwise


As one with a friend who bought gold pack but is working one of this nice jobs where you need to work 8-5 and is only able to come home around 5.30, 6pm (plus slow internet) the queues didn’t allow him to actually play the game at all in these 3 days.

I support the closing of the servers because if not, tomorrow this would be a shitshow with 50k+ queues, but Amazon just giving us notice of this with less than 2h to actually try to do something and while the queue is still 12k players at least is the bad part of this move and what I think shouldn’t have been done. At the very least close the servers at reset time or closer to the release. Closing the server now does impact more people than just “new players”.

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Yes it does but they have to choose the lesser of two evils which is locking the servers until transfers are sorted out. It sounds like smilegate is working on a transfer tool. In the mean time yall can level separately and then join up later.

At least you maturely recognize this is the best decision. Most dont care and would prefer to destroy everyones ability to play, just so they can sit in a 25k que with their friends and complain about it together on discord

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Locking servers is a terrible decision. Friends that could not buy the founder edition cannot join our guild/server now, wth do we do? :smiley: It will literally deter some of them to even play the game

Just implement an AFK kick of 5mins or so. Problem softened


Oh yeah. Then when u go to shit or have a small urgency at home is back to queue again. This will definitely work wonders xD

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Nah thats a bad opinion lmao. Locking servers after people claim their founders packs, but before thwir f2p friends can make characters would be substantially worse.

It doesnt even effect me, but I know it would effect tons of other players

Can people stop cry exactly like New World ?

I have 20 friends playing with me and we all bought the funders packs (even bronze), because we knew it servers will get queues and lock.

It’s totally normal in 2022 gaming. Look at FF14 locked game buy for 2 months.

Be smart and stop cry casuals

If someone isn’t willing to spend 15 bucks that’s their call and noone can blame this on AGS. The real issue are headstarts and far to little starting servers… now that’s something to blame AGS for ^^.

It is not AGS’s fault that everyone flocked to a few servers and created the long queues.

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You had queues on all initial servers so what? ^^

This game is meant for free to play players. It is its business model, buying early acess is a choice.