Game Statistics

@Roxx i assume you as publishers have access to all statistics right? could you talk to the team about releasing some statistics based on the data collected

I think some cool data could be given to the community such as it was at LoA ON for the KR version

Most used battle item

Number of Deaths on Brel

and like all the other stats they released at LoA on in terms of clears and deaths etc etc

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my most interested statistic is number of oreha cleared by zerker and sorceress relative to other classes thank you


Add in actual class numbers 1490+/1445+/1415+ lets see how bad the shortage on supports really are.

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yeah that could be a good metric

you won’t have any of these stat cause you won’t like what you’ll gonna see

Just Bump the API thread. We never gona get any infos.

or keep flooding them with new threads cuz they dont even look at that post.

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