Game stuck on Amazon Games Logo when launching

I have been playing this game every single day since launch including today perfectly fine and now as i just launched it again it started getting stuck on the Amazon Games screen during launch. Putting -force-d3d9 into the steam launch options has fixed the issue, however being forced into DirectX9 is not very nice and i don’t understand how this just magically started to happen, nothing about my system changed in the time from earlier today till now.

Hey @Brogurt!

I’m sorry to know you’re having issues with the game getting stuck at the Amazon Games screen.

In case you haven’t done any other troubleshooting, the following article might be useful:

Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues - Support | Amazon Games.

You can try the suggestions listed there and in case it still happens after all that, you can contact us via live chat so our colleagues there can escalate your case and determine what might be causing the issue with your game.

Let me know if anything else. Stay safe! :smiley: