Game suddenly closes

Hi, since the maintenance, the game closes without any error message when u are searching for something in the action house or Una’s task.

The problem only occur when playing whit a controller and you dont close the keyboard that appear in the screen. If u play without a controller or close the keyboard before pressing the search button, the game works fine.

Pls @Roxx, scale this. Is a bit frustrating, thx :slight_smile:

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Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars on a game developed by people who don’t know of basic game design patterns and fault tolerance architecture?

Can confirm this is happening to me as well, really sucks given that the on-screen keyboard seems to be something most people want disabled anyways… I know for a fact I’m gonna forget to close the keyboard before searching and crash repeatedly now. On top of how long it can take to reopen the game…

I imagine people will be pissed if there’s another maintenance to hotfix this, but I also want to play in peace… lol :sob:

Yes I am also crashing every time I click the magnifying glass and I also play with a Controller. I turned off the Gamepad and it works then enabled the controller again and it crashes again instantly as I clicked the search button.

Hopefully this can get fixed fairly soon.

can confirm this is happening to me as well. game crashes as soon as I try searching for something on auction house :frowning:

Happened to me too. Please remove the virtual keyboard it’s the most annoying thing ever and covers half the screen.

Can confirm its when a controller is connected and you try to use a search function, the moment the virtual keyboard shows up it just crashes.

+1 same problem. Never got any crash since lunch. After patch 3 crashes while using Search Function.

Correction:: make that 5
Correction 2: every time when pad is enabled now. I need to disable pad to use search.

Yeah this is happening to me as well. Like constantly after the update. I also play with a controller and before all the updates it never done that before.

Write to support guys. I did. If there is enough cases they will prolly fix it.

I have the same issue and found a workaround (at least for me)

  • Click in Search field
  • On-Screen Keyboard appears
  • Click in Search field again
  • Use Hardware Keyboard to input data (DO NOT PRESS RETURN)
  • In case a search suggestion appears, select it with the mouse (NOT RETURN)
  • Close On-Screen Keyboard via X button in the right corner
  • Press Search Button

To me it seems the search crashes when the on-screen keyboard is still visible.