Game suggestions?

I’m 1420 on 2 characters and 1370 on 2 others, so I’m chilling for Valtan and have probably enough mats to push 1 char to 1445.


Any good games I can play in the meantime after I ran my dailies?
(I tried ff14,WoW,BDO,POE, genshin and I dislike them all and I already finished Elden)

I’m pretty sure we’re only allowed to recommend new world here without being banned haha.


There are some good RTS and 4x game out recently. If that is your genra can give that a try.

Warhammer 3, Humankind, Crusader Kings 3, Stellaris (old game, but ages very well) has new expansion coming out as well.

Amazon killed New World, Amazon is killing Lost Ark. World of Warcraft is coming out with a new expansion, you should try that, its a much better game and company handling it.

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Cyberpunk was an amazing playthrough. They recently put out a patch that has made the game very stable and adds a lot of immersion.

Diablo Immortal coming out for PC in June.

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Not sure what kinds of games you like, but Warframe just released new content. It’s a really fun game, and free to play (and actually run well), with an awesome community. The dev team live streams themselves playing with the community every Thursday night too, if you wanted to check it out before diving in (but fair warning, you may get spoilers right now due to new content).

If you havent played Persona 5 royal, I highly recommend that. That game is a masterpiece.

though it wont count towards your collectibles.

vampire survivor is a good game to waste your downtime

I have played CP at release, Ill prob give it a try soon with these changes and mods. Besides that new Borderlands looks sweet.

Same, I plowed through at launch. I just started again taking my time. Doing all the gigs, playing a female this time and romancing Judy. Its pretty addicting.

These type of games you need to play slowly, the most immersive way. I found playing female more fitting in CP, VA is way better and it feels like V was initially designed as female. My latest playthrough was corpo female, stealthy hacker assasin playstyle ^^

Activision Blizzard a much better company? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Nice one.

And I was a hardcore fan of Blizzard, but no, definitely no. At the beginning yes, but they are one of the worst since a few years now.

OP: if you never played WoW yes go on but otherwise WoW is in terrible shape as of now. There is a new expansion but it will not come out before at least a year.

Hard to recommend you some game without knowing what interest you.

I would go with Elden Ring, PoE, Valorant.

Totally agree. I had a blast rushing and Im having even more fun crawling.

I played a full on hacker at first. Now im playing a Tech build focusing on customizing my silenced pistol. Soooo cool.

Tech is op, widowmaker especially. Using that gun with tech specs felt like cheating imo haha … was somehow fun tho.

guessing that the new expac won’t release in 2022, so not really an option i’d say

WoW is dying slowly mostly due to being very outdated game right now. You cant milk it anymore with that old engine, lets say WoW was in its peak and cant go any further due to tech limits. Right now Blizzard was bought by Microsft which is very good thing, lets see what will happen.

Anyway current WoW will prob die sooner or later. I hope coz it could mean they will work on proper WoW 2.0 sequel, new engine, story and ideas. WoW needs it.

I played it at launch on ps5 and almost instantly dropped it hahaha. Ill check it out thanks!

I have played it, persona5 is am amazing game! Thanks for the recommendation!

Ill check it out today! Thanks :))