Game taking FOREVER to load up (still?)

Literally sitting here in the process of restarting the game after a dc during Vykas gate 3 and having enough time to make a forum thread about how god awful the load up time of this game is - like what have they done with steams anticheat that it interferes so much with the game? Crazy that this is still a thing in 2022.


This is only partially an issue with EAC. The game runs on Unreal 3 which is notorious for slow load times. They are never going to upgrade the engine so this issue is here to stay.


sad stuff really - but even an RU mail launcher makes the game launch faster than steam, so I guess it has to do something with steam too.

They never excluded it. I remember seeing somewhere that they were thinking of upgrading but it would be on the very long term.

I see EAC as piece of garbo that is trying to run monopoly by blocking other game’s anti cheat.

Game has also started to crash PC when loading.
Making it take much longer.

I guess EAC might be trying to destroy PC’s. Just for fun and giggles.


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