Game time is showing wrong as are event alarms

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I know that the are work arounds like changing your computer clock settings to fix this, but i don’t want to screw u the rest of my computer for the sake of the game.

The problem is that the in-game ‘server’ time is incorrect currently showing PDT,. which would be fine if all the events etc. also aligned with that. but they are all showing up as if PDT is the correct ‘server time’ when it apparently should be PST.

I am in New Zealand so my local time and daylight savings are totally different to in the US and i keep missing events because of this issue.

Can you please fix this so that the server clock is ALWAYS the right SERVER time. Or that the events alarms etc. are all tied in to the right internal time. I don’t really care what the time is on the screen, i just want to be able to see when the events i want to go to actually are, and get the alarms at the right time!


I agree. I do not want to change my computer clock, just to have the correct times in any game. That is not a fix.

Unlike the above poster, I am in Australia. But it amounts to the exact same reasoning. My times are not US times.

Having to constantly work out adjustments and ignore the alarms which are supposed to be helpful, it’s a frustration folks just don’t need.


so annoying they aren’t prepared for timezone changes… no idea which events are going on now

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just wanting to bump this up, the clocks are still broken and i haven’t seen any acknowledgement by AGS staff yet on any posts i’ve seen related to it.
@Seawolf @Roxx are either of you able to acknowledge this issue and pass it on?

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I’m surprised I haven’t seen more topics on this issue. It’s a pretty big deal in-game and can be really difficult to attend / participate in events.

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This is going to be fixed tonight – stay tuned


Thanks! <3

Will it fix for us in SA too? Server is located in Sao Paulo and we don’t have DST here anymore and the time is 1 hour off in game.

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This. It’s been reported in SA since pre-launch in several threads both in english and spanish, yet no official reply on this. It’s incredibly annoying.

is arizona gonna be confused w/ fix ,or have they found a way around that? or does it all work out if their comps are set dst off?

The fix that is being implemented says that we will have to turn on DST on our computer system, which completely defeats the purpose for us in the OCE region having completely opposite Daylight Savings timings in the year. Please clarify.

Will this fix also apply to South America? We’ve been 1 hour off since launch!

Thanks a lot! This will really help

Still not fixed btw.

Timers are still broken on NA east

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Just wanted to make this priority for devs, this is still not fixed. I think this should be a higher/highest priority since it is affecting every single player in game.

@Roxx still not fixed. Did any of last night’s hotfix work at all?

On Una, still not fixed for us either.

Looks like it’s still not fixed. Another attempt tonight?

Hello. Nothing is resolved, any viable solution and that I do not have to change my time zone on my PC?