Game time is still showing 1 hour ahead of server time with DST enabled

Instead of pulling the times on the server backwards an hour, it was moved FORWARD 1 hour. The server time should be 8:24am at the time of writing this, but in-game it shows 9:24am and the events are highlighting based off of that.
You need to add correct support for daylight savings that sources the time from a players computer and alarms the events based off of the server time instead of trying to mess with the in-game display of the server manually…

//edited because it seems they adjusted the server time to match PDT, but are still not handling DLS on computers correctly


The issue is they adjusted the event times when the event times were never the problem. The problem was the in game timers didn’t adjust for DST, Therefore you had to either +1 hour to all non-hourly events in the timer, OR turn DST off on your PC clock.

This is REALLY speaking volumes to AGS’s abilities here.

Just display server time and make everything go off of server time. It’s not more complicated than that

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I turned off DLS on my pc, then manually adjust my clock 1 hr ahead, then the timer and time are correct in game, not sure if this will work for u too

How do you do that exactly?

So you’re saying that we still need to disable DLS in order to have the correct server time is that correct? What did the patch do for us then?

No, you have to turn of DST, and then now +1 hour either in your head to all timers, or move your PC clock ahead an hour.

If I disable DST, start the game and then re-enable it, on my computer, it auto detects that DST was enabled again, so now I gotta live with DST disabled which will throw off my other alarms/calendars

easiest fix for this is to turn DST off and set your device to Atlantic(Canadian) time if your on east coast servers

reading your post saying to Source from players PC and alarms based on Server time wouldnt really work at same time, best option is to base it entirely on Server time(not your pc clock) since all of the events run all day anyway you wouldnt actually miss any

No you would base only the timer on the top left top left. All event alarms would go off of server time though. And the events don’t run all day. Some run every 2 hours and some are only run 2-3 times per day depending on the day of the week. So this is still an issue.

this would still be reliant on your PC settings though mate, since the reason the TOP left clock is wrong is your PC setting and yes every 2 hours but it is all day at those 2hr inntervals, some islands like Harmony have specific times and those are it. basing everything on the actual server time with no reliance on the alarms from your PC clock alleviates any wonkiness of DST affecting server time.

I am showing PDT and it is still off by 1 hour hotfix didn’t resolve the issue. Bump to get his fast tracked.

As much as it is fun to shit on AGS, these patches are coming from Smilegate.

They’ve never had to deal with DST before for LA, so I’m not really surprised it’s having issues.

yes because Smilegate themselves doesnt have to deal with DST as their country doesnt use it, so it wouldnt be programmed into it. where im unsure in the regards of the ru server, but i dont think russia uses dst either.

after a quick google russia doesnt use DST so that also would prevent coding of DST into the game.

None of the prior regions use DST, so KR, RU, and JP are all non-dst countries.

And not every country that currently has LA uses DST either, DST is a mess thank god we’re eventually getting rid of it.

I mean it shouldn’t be rocket science to fix its a 1 hour offset.

they did attempt to +1 the time of the servers, but dst setting on the individual pcs is still throwing it +1 ontop of that.

It’s not that simple, it has to be a fix that works for everyone, not even every state in the US follows DST (Arizona and Hawaii don’t), much less other countries.

It wasn’t initially in the game because it wasn’t needed, so they’re trying to shoehorn it in.

It is that simple when you go off server time like they do. They aren’t using my time locally.