Game time is still showing 1 hour ahead of server time with DST enabled

I mean, the events themselves were running fine, it was just the timers that were borked.

Now everything is screwy.

So obviously, no, not as simple as you want to make it appear, nothing in programming ever is as simple as one would want it to be :frowning:

i personally dont use my local time zone for reasons im not going to discuss, as a default my PC is hard locked to UTC, so i dont see these issues.

some day the whole world will finally stop using DST and we won’t have these issues ever again.

Utah is finally stopping this year so this roll forward is the last one hopefully forever. That’s what the funny thing is…it didn’t happen on the roll back it happened on the spring ahead which should be normal time anyway lol

Most of the 70 the use DST are in NA or EU. which is a big portion of Global Lost Ark.

unless the Sunshine Protection act passes, they cant stay on Daylight time(Spring forward) as its against Federal Law which Prohibits this. Staying on Winter(Standard Time) is fine though.

Well, with any luck the US won’t be part of that after a year and half. Can’t wait.

It’s weird because the clock actually detects when you have it set to DLS and adjusts. If they could just make it NOT adjust to DLS at all that would be fine as well.

And @Deathsfortune all the least available content are some of the hardest content to complete and they are NOT available all day. i.e. Lagoon, Lush Reed, Volare, Snowpang, Medeia are all only available 5-6 times per day on the days that they are available. So just looking one hour ahead does NOT guarentee that the event will be available

Before the patch, the game server was one hour behind (UTC -5) where our client clocks were correct (UTC -4). Now the game server is correct (UTC -4) but for some reason they rolled our client clocks ahead another hour (UTC -3), which is not a thing in the US. Is there anyway we can manually adjust the in-game clock without screwing up our computers time?

not an in game solution, but at least someone has made and it appears to be accurate so far


You beautiful soul – this is great. Thanks!

that server clock is wrong though for NA-East, as its showing a hour ahead of actual EDT(UTC-4) its showing UTC-3 time

a work around if you want is disable dst and set your PC timezone to Atlantic time(UTC-4)

Working fine for me, shows UTC-4

Its been a month since this issue started and I still don’t see any fix for this.
Our Thursday reset is now at 12:00 and not 11:00
The Arkesia event, usually on even hours, is now on uneven hours
All events are off by an hour

Is this just how the next half year will be until we go back to winter time?

Daylight savings is horrible and EU will get rid of it eventually, but it kinda strikes me as absurd that this was overlooked during the release preps. What an oversight