Game timers are still broken

Supposed fix didn’t do anything, or maybe it did for some servers? Game timer is off again. Hot fix worked out well I see.

I’m on EU central in the same time zone as the server and the Adventure island notification info in the Procyon’s compass shows the wrong time until an island appears.
The time at the top shows the correct time (eg. starts at 13:00:00 …) but the counter at the bottom is offset by an hour later, so at 13:00 it says that the island will appear in 1 hour.

It’s actually so funny that it’s clear they didn’t bother to test whether timers were fixed or not. It’s almost as if I’m playing a Nexon game at this point.

The competence level is amazing with these guys lol.

@Roxx get this handled sometime this week? Maybe have smilegate actually test their patches before sending them to us?

I don’t understand how the clock is still broken. This game is a joke. I love the game but idk if this is AGS or Smilegate but they seem to not care about our region of the game. I want to play this game and enjoy it but our version of the game is not going to last at this rate.

It’s fun to watch steam charts go down though. I wish I could bet on it Id be rich after amazons 3 major attempts so far.

In their defense, working with time can actually be pretty hard if you’re not using a proper library. Though it SHOULD be incredibly easy to fix. For example, I used to live in a 30 minute timezone and to this day LoL’s estimated queue time is always off by 30 minutes. (Though I realize its just a minor issue in their case).
If I had to guess, the current issue happens because the server is sending a non-utc timestamp for the timer and the client decodes it as a UTC timestamp. Or its just local time and the client does a simple timezone a minus timezone b to the timestamp, which would be a really bad way of doing it lol.
Though to be fair, the original game never had to worry about timezones and stuff so if a small hack was added ontop of the origional code when they went to localize it, errors like that popping up is somewhat understandable.

And to be fair, they had a maintenance to address this and they still didn’t, which means they didn’t bother to test whether anything they fixed worked again. That shows incompetence, or rather extreme laziness no matter what. Would be better to say that it’s too hard to fix and would require a longer maintenance in the near future RATHER than saying to everyone that it’s all fixed and good now.

Oh yeah, I totally understand, its pretty inexcusable they the fix was never properly tested. I’m just not surprised because I keep seeing these amateur mistakes crop up all the time, same thing with New World and not sanitizing chat input. Hell my bank’s phone app had the same issue. I could escape out of the login form and it prevented me from actually logging in unless I manually escaped certain characters.