Game Unplayable: Queues and Lag

Two hour queues, massive lag if you get in for a game that emphasizes logging in every day has led to an untenable situation.

I get it. It’s a free game. I’ll just have to remember that the next time I go to swipe. Why spend money for content you won’t be able to enjoy…

Is the goal to kill the player base to a point that bots have no one to sell gold to, then maybe the bots won’t clog the queue? Just curious what the end goal is here.

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Nah man the game is just super good, and with all the amazing work the Devs have been doing the game has just brought in that many new… cough… sorry I couldn’t keep the bullshit going. I don’t work for AGS so it is much harder for me to do.

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I will say that I’ve tried to plan my day around content today and the queue times just keep climbing. I’ve missed 3 islands because of it and about to miss my 4th. It’s very frustrating to deal with and what sucks more is it’s mainly on NA West as a result of bots.

While I love having everything in game laid out in solid time intervals, it’s a mood killer when I have to plan to log in over an hour in advance just to sit in queue, or sit in game afk and hoping I don’t get kicked before I move a bit to reset the timer, just to get an island I’ve been waiting on.

Do genuinely hope bots and queues get resolved soon.