Game Uplayable Since Last Night's Reset

Ever since servers went down last night cus of the crystaline aura/shop thing, the servers are super laggy, it’s almost unplayable, I’m on NA east una, trying to que into a solo chaos, nothing happened hitting enter, traveled to Punika and then loaded into chaos, matchmaking for guardian raids take forever and spam matchmaking etc and says “you are already in que” we tried doing x3 and couldn’t reque because said couldn’t find location. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP, taking servers down right now would make no difference because you can practically only do Unas.

Super laggy on my end as well plus there was no warning for the servers going down last night! Some friends and I had just jumped into a boss rush and were unable to finish it because of no warning so no rewards and we lost our tickets because of it. Really not happy the last few days with Lost Ark.