Game used locked materials?

Hi, I have a very weird issue where my leapstones went missing and I have no idea what happened. I had a stack of exactly 1800 tradable stones in one characters personal storage.

One day I was honing my bard, BUT she does have a lot of bound stones and these tradeble ones were not in the roster storage, they were still on another character.

I haven’t done anything else, I log in today and I have 1406 and I don’t understand it, did game somehow used them for honing that bard, even though the stones are on another character?
Btw the bound stones on bard have been used, that’s why I’m confused what happened with the tradeble ones.

If you provide your server/character name maybe on of the supports can look into it

Check thru all your characters to make sure they are not hiding in some storage somewhere. The game will always use bound materials first before bound ones. However the NUMBER listed in the honing screen is the COMBINED total of bound and unbound ones in ALL storages accessable by that character (inventory, pet inventory, that characters storage and both pages of teh roster storage).

But I would check every characters inventory, pet inventory and storage boxes. I’ve had items I’ve moved around that I forgot I moved to a 2nd page of an alts storage before.

Should I make like a support ticket?

If you believe they were falsely used or disappeared, yes send one.

I did check other characters, because I thought that maybe I left some of them there or split them by accident, but they are nowhere to be found :confused:

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