Game very slow after march update

Lost ark has been running smoothly on my laptop (gtx 970m GFX, 8gb ram, 8th gen i7 processor) until the recent game update. I was running it on low settings. Update rolls out, same settings, and now everything from server select screen to exiting the game is very slow. Once they actually load and lag like hell for a minute or so they run smoothly afterwards(until i go to a new zone, screeen etc… anything that needs loading). If i select dx 9 instead of dx11 the game is so slow i can barely select anything with my mouse as everything runs soooo slowly. I’ve tried most things , as in making sure it’s using my actual dedicated video card, everything in nvidia control panel is set to performance, antialiasing, vsync and all of that is disabled. Looking at task manager memory usage is through the roof (95-100 %) whilst everything else looks fine.

I had issues like this in the past in other games and itt got fixed with a patch and wasn’t a client side issue. I’ve pretty much done everything i could besides reinstalling the game or clearing game cache(don’t know if it’s a thing in this game).

If anyone has a suggestion i’m open to anything. Cheers!

I haven’t seen posts from other people having this issue specifically after the march update, but this has become frustrating to deal with and if it’s a server side problem i want it to be known and fixed in the future as it has made playing the game almost unbearable after it was running just fine.

Windows is up to date, drivers are up to date, i regularly clean the fans an apply thermal paste, and this only happens with lost ark specifically after the update.

yea same problem here, been running really smooth before the patch.
but random mega frame drop started happening after the patch, took longer to load into new zones, huge frame drop during chaos gate or dungeon
I have been playing since beta and this has never happened before, i tried every setting but it didnt work
maybe they fked up something hope they’ll fix it in next patch