Game won't launch no error code

I don’t get any kind of error. I try to launch the game via steam and it runs EAC then does nothing. Any advice on the next step?

Client appears in task manager, but wont launch. Restarting steam.

Hello @Sogeki ,

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I am sorry to know that you are unable to launch the game, it is auto-closing.

Kindly perform the following steps-

  1. Open the Lost Ark Application in your Steam library.
  2. Open Settings, select Manage, and then Browse Local Files.
  3. Open the EasyAntiCheat folder.
  4. Launch the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file as administrator, and run it.
  5. Select Repair.

After this launch the game, and check.

A PC restart maybe required.

I hope this helps. :magic_wand:

Got an error. Apparently NVIDIA shouldn’t be trusted?

This happened after running updates and restarting the PC.

I’ll verify file integrity. EAC is just ass IMO.

Please try the file verification and EAC repair, let me know . :slight_smile:

Ran both twice. Restarted steam. Restarted PC. Still won’t launch.


Can you please check if there is any update pending on drivers?

No pending updates.

EAC is hot dog water.

Thanks for confirming. Can you please follow the path mentioned on the error message and delete the corrupted file and relaunch game?

Kind of silly to delete sys files for EAC to play nice.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll try to figure out what EAC didn’t like about the NVIDIA file.

You are most welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

The file could have been corrupted and hence EAC was pointing it out, but this is just an assumption. I will try to look in as well and update .

Cheers! :star2: