Game won't load after EAC screen

After EAC window game won’t start, i have waited 10 minutes, tried verifying files and even reinstalled the game. I have restarted my steam and computer numerous times but still stuck after EAC window. I can see that lost ark client is active on my taskmanger under background proccesses.

Any fixes or workarounds?


Hello @Engrise!

Apologies for the issue with the EAC. Please check for any updates or repairs for the EAC.

Repair/Reinstall EasyAntiCheat (for this go to Lost Ark on your Steam library > click the gear icon > Manage > Browse local files > Open the folder EasyAntiCheat > run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe > Try repairing the service, or uninstalling and reinstalling it).

If you need more support and this troubleshooting steps don’t work please contact our live chat support, Contact Us | Amazon Games

Have a great day!

my brother is also having trouble launching the game…
he is getting the easy anticheat window to pop up and load at the very end of it he gets
“failed to launch game: error 15”
i have had him try the following…
Verify integrity of files
repair easy anti cheat
uninstall and reinsinall easy anti cheat
set exclusions in windows AV
set both EAC and Lost Ark to run as administrator
(maybe a couple other things i can’t remember, as i have been searching on google for answers for over an hour)

we had gotten it to give a DIFFERENT error after deleting an easy anticheat file EasyAntiCheat.sys then verifying after) but it no matter what we do it always goes back to Error 15

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I am having the same problem except it ran fine for me once, then started giving me Error 15. I tried everything listed and then some, now I get Error 25. Hoping for a fix from Tech Support soon, but have been ignored so far.

i managed to help him get it to work… after a day and half of helping him trouble shoot i got him to share his screen on discord so i could see everything, he had a windows update fail… had him manually update windows and it fixed it.

Gonna throw my two cents in here. This terrible piece of software literally crashed my whole computer 2 out of the 5 times I’ve run this game so far. I had to physically hold down the power button to shut my computer off, and restart. There has to be a better solution.

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ITS EAC, but they have to drop that trashy anti cheat. It causes errors for no reason.