Gamepad Problems

I started the game as a Deadeye and noticed that when I switch from Mouse/KB to Gamepad, some of my abilities which requires aiming can only be fired, when I press the button twice. One button press for the aim with the blut ring marker and one button press for the skill release.
This is kinda annoying because it slows the gameplay down and I dont want to press those skills twice.

This isnt the case with mouse/KB because the grenade for example is flying where my cursor was with just one button press.

The strange thing is: After I switched to gamepad, I have the same problem when I switch back to Mouse/KB. As soon as I turn off Gamepad support, the problem is gone and controls are normal.

Can anyone tell me how to set up the gamepad controls like the direct Mouse/KB controls?

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this might help you but I think there is alot of bugs rn with playing on pc with gamepad