Gamepad support is unusable, at least for ranged

So with a gamepad you don’t aim where your cursor is, it aims at a set distance in front of your character. Which makes deadeye/gunslinger impossible to play, as you need to frequently shoot behind you, chain your attacks, aim while moving etc.
Example: I have a 3 chain attack, i aim the first attack, and have to aim AGAIN for the second and third attack.

Furthermore, there is no instant/smart cast, where an ability is instantly used where your cursor is. Instead, it brings up a second cursor that you must aim again…

This makes no sense because the cursor is permanently on the screen, always being controlled with right stick.


any feedback from other classes? Seems like melee would suck for things like dashes.

I’d like to echo this, and also say it affects anyone that plays with a non-controller gamepad that has a bindable analog stick (i.e. the Azeron gamepads). Enabling the gamepad immediately disables the Cursor Aim functionality that is available on pure mouse + keyboard controls.

I might give the game a try as a melee class, but as far as any ranged classes go, the game is pretty much unplayable to me with my normal gaming setup.

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In your options for controller, you can set it so certain abilities will auto target regardless of where the mouse cursor is. Try switching this to the opposite of whatever you currently have it at and see if that helps. I’m using controller on Sorceress and its working well for me. I’m usually a m+kb player but find navigation easier with controller in this game

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Auto targeting will hurt you in the long run. it’s not good because you need to aim many skills where the target WILL be not where they are. If all bosses, mobs and players stood still, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Some of my skills will miss staggerable mobs entirely, because the damage comes so late.

It doesn’t disable manual targeting. You can use it simultaneously and should exercise good judgement as always

Gamepad support definitely needs to be reworked. It doesn’t make sense at all that the cursor is reset if it’s visible all the time and you position it manually anyway.

So in short, we need an option for standard cursor aiming.


I spent hours trying to find a comfortable fit with the gamepad targeting controls, and it’s nowhere near as good as the mouse+keyboard Cursor Aim option.

Cursor Aim will cast spells exactly where your cursor is at, for things like Point skills. For Normal skills, it will turn your character to cast in that direction.

The gamepad controls, however, work very differently. The Auto Target functions works “okay” for actual targeted skills, but does almost nothing for Normal skills.

If you have the Auto Target functions turned off, and are trying to kite things with the cursor already targeted on an enemy behind you and activate a targeted skill (Casting, Point, etc) it will snap the cursor to a few meters in front of your character, completely ignoring where the cursor was already at.

Alongside this, there are gamepads with programmable keys that have analog sticks, such as the Logitech G13, the Azeron devices, etc. These can emulate a controller analog stick, and otherwise allow you to use mouse + keyboard functions for everything else. However, as soon as the game detects a gamepad in use - such as by using the analog stick - the Cursor Aim functionality from the mouse + keyboard controls is completely ignored, even if you are otherwise using a mouse to do everything except move.

Basically what I want, is being able to have Cursor Aim stay active properly when using a gamepad.

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Let me just aim with the cursor and shoot.

The auto targeting system for AoEs is far too rigid, so why not just let us do the aiming manually and then instacast the spells where the cursor is?

I mean, this gamepad solution, besides the movement, which is fine, is really wonky. I want to stop enemies in their track, when they follow me, by manually placing an AoE, where I aim at.

Nope, when facing away from the enemies, I have to activate the skill for aiming, THEN manually aim because it resets my cursor to where my character is facing and then activate it.


I need to turn around my character and then aim manually.

You can see why that is more debilitating than effective, right? You did a great job with the game and I know you have other problems right now.

But please, fix this. Have a little more faith in us gamepad players! Just let us aim first and then shoot and I will love this game to death. Really!

Also, thanks dukov for the effort of demonstrating the problem!

yesssssss!!! dash attacks fail me so hard on my scrapper. Leaves me so vulnerable in pvp Q.Q

ciao a tutti ,con lo striker mi trovo molto bene coll pad ps5 ,avendo una g910 e mouse g502 forse e meglio per le altre classi ,pero con lo striker preferisco il pad

Hi there. I want to try and compile all the gamepad related issues into one. Please help me expanding this list and raising awareness! I fear we might drown in queue and f2p topics otherwise.

ALL the gamepad issues in the game - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

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I did encounter this issue and without a fix it’s unplayable with a pad.