Gamepad support needs attention desperately

Please please get rid of the intrusive txt input pop up!!! Also we need settings for gamepad cursor sensitivity. Trying to move from map to map in areas with fast respawning mobs is sometimes an endless nightmare trying to maneuver to the small waypoint triangle on the maps.

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Nice try, bro


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll pass this over to the team.

Feel free to reply with anything else that would help streamline the controller experience.

@OminousOnion Can I ask you to also check this thread for controller related issues? Thank you.

Ooh that’s perfect, thank you!


The text pop up thing is the #1 issue for absolute certain and I honestly cannot imagine every gamepad user doesnt feel the same way. Its so bad. If you cant find a way to make it an option, please remove it, 99% of players who use a gamepad like me, still use a keyboard in applicable situations like the market and chatting. Its something that should only exist in console games, I have no clue why its here with no option to disable it.

ALso I mentioned the sensitivy for the gamepad cursor, but I will go a step further…

It would be great if gamepad could get an complete overwork so that it isnt basically a keyboard and mouse emulator.

Being able to go through menus and items like normal with a controller would be really nice.

I know its not likely but i figured id throw it out there anyway.

I am not saying this to be rude or insulting here, but so you guys can see how someone who has played this game hundreds of hours on a gamepad feels:

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it. If I wasnt forced to use it because of chronic pain issues, I def wouldnt. It feels really half-baked, like it was quickly thrown together and then completely forgotten about.

MY number one wish for this whole game is better gamepad support.

Thanks for reading and passing along the issues!!!

100 % das mit dem Eingabefeld ist eine Katastrophe

I agree the fudging virtual keyboard needs to go that frigging thing trolls me everyday and almost everyday I have to fight to urge to quit or chuck my controller… lol

For the sensitivity of the cursor you can adjust it via steam controller configuration if you set the right stick to joystick mouse.

As a support player the ability to target an ally or even just myself with a button combo for abilities like godsend law would be amazing.

While the rest of the auto targeting isn’t ideal it is playable, especially once you learn how to tab target with R2.