Games should or shouldn't have support

I don’t mind having a support but your odds instantly go down 40% if the enemy has a support that can press half of his abilities and you’re triple DPS.

I’ll gladly sit in 5 minute ques to have a balanced game where either team has a support or doesn’t have a support.


At higher levels yes the team with the supports are going to win, this has been said by high level players.

At low level though where perhaps 80% of people are? This is being blown way out of proportion by a lot of people, it’s not that bad of a handicap at low level.


So cause it’s not as bad in low elo it should stay? It sucks having to do double damage to a comp that can potentially do the same as triple dps

So you want a system like WoW BG’s where each team has roughly the same amount of healers? If the devs wanted to go this route, they had years to do this but are choosing not too. I’m sure they have their reasoning?

I don’t have an issue with it, it is what it is. The problem is most people who are complaining about the subject are at low rank where it matters the least.

Well kinda… If one mm team has no support, the other one won’t as well… If one does, the other team also has a support. Pala arty or Pala sorc is almost a guarenteed win vs no support unless the support team is just terrible or plays poorly

Literally my last game was against an Arty/Bard/Pally

We won with no supports, I played like crap that game and my two teammates weren’t impressive either. The enemy Arty almost had the same amount of damage as my two teammates combined, plus he had two supports backing him up.

As I’ve been saying all along team comp isn’t important at low level, and that’s where the majority of these people are who are complaining like it is. About 30-40% of my wins have come against teams with supports and we had none, it’s not that hard to overcome if you’re simply the better player.

The system is what it is, everything is random I doubt that’ll change anytime soon. Sometimes you’ll get matched with bad teammates or low tier classes, support or no support, everybody has to live with this.

I mean your comp is pretty good against that so yeah. If they play bad it’s not impossible. It just requires a different playstyle that most people aren’t familiar yet which requires all 3 players to be on the same page generally. It’s just tough to deal with.

When your teammates w key or awaken into a 50k hp team absorb its f** tilting. Then they get cc’d and you have to suicide to help them or let them die.

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LOL dude my Blade had less damage than their Bard, and my Sorc had less damage than their Pally.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I carried that match because I also played like crap, but apparently I was enough to make the difference.

Point being if you’re the best player in the match which I somehow was that match, you should be beating support teams even if you have no support.

This is at low level where the majority are at who are complaining, high level ok those players have more of an argument to make.

You won by 1 kill… And with double absorption he still contributed enough to make a difference. It’s just a matter of knowing when to engage, and if he was peeling for you or not. I’d like to think he was since you have 450k dmg against bard Pala otherwise you wouldn’t get a nuke off

Does it matter how much you win by? I shouldn’t have won at all according to most people complaining about playing against support teams, nevermind double support teams.

I can’t remember the exact details of the match, but 450K is trash for me I average about 600K.

I mean yeah arty pumps

Regardless I would say the strongest comp right now is Pala bard sorc or bard arty sorc. Since they can just cycle hard cc shields and kite literally the entire game. Very hard to engage at all.

Bard and Sorc have very predictable and avoidable damage, which makes them very weak to support comps. Where as an Artillerist can not really be mitigated easily. Artillerist is hands down the best class against supports because you’re able to instantly stop their Charge/Cast abilities.

I wouldn’t go that far, I fear Bards because they can prevent our combo from being started.

Pallies though I don’t fear them at all, I’d rather much face a Pally than a Bard.