Gate of Endurance chests not appearing

With Gates of Harmony and Earth, if you fail the min-quest the chest still appears for you to spend your keys on. Which is necessary, because NAW Rohendel server never has enough people to complete those quests, let alone 100% any of the sailing quests. But twice now I’ve done Gate of Endurance (once solo, once with one other person), and neither time did the chest appear. It is, of course, impossible to finish the quest alone, let alone with just one other person - you generally need five active players with impeccable aim on one team to get to the 50% required.

Is this intended for the higher-level gates? If so, it means the keys will functionally never be used, because there simply aren’t enough players interested in non-top-tier content to bother with it. Otherwise, it’s a support issue, because it’s already very frustrating in the game that there is so little interest in anything non-T3, and this is just yet another problem of content that can’t be done because it’s not elite enough.

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I’ve just checked, and Punika’s Gate of Guidance still works if you fail - and we had around ten players on that one. So it’s a bug on Gate of Endurance.

Hey there @Cremarn!

Allow me to move this topic to the bugs and localization feedback section for proper visibility.

Also still waiting to get this fixed! …still…

Still broke. Please fix when you can. Thank you.

STILL not fixed. ETA perhaps? Will we be told when it’s fixed?

Hello, everyone! I’ll let the development team know that this issue is still happening.

Just tried to do gate of earth and of course was by myself failed and no chest spawned just trying to finish revelry row quest for soul

No sign of it in the upcoming patch notes. Will it still not be fixed by this week? So three of the five gates work but two don’t, for no apparent reason?

Edit: No, they didn’t fix it.

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Still happening as of recent Witcher patch.

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Still happening, yeah. Even in populated servers you are lucky to find a partner to do this gate so its pretty tedious

Still happening, please fix this

I’ll ask this every update - fixed yet? It’s not in the patch notes.