Gatekeeping Artists :D


People cried for months and months to release her and now they don’t wanna play with them xD I mean it was to be expected, but the irony is strong nevertheless :smiley:


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Probably because no full relic and people are still bad with that class. Give it 1-3 more weeks

Next week:
You got no relic!?!? OUT OF HERE!.

Day after day it feels like a job.
-Two years experience, level 400 roster, relic set.
-But this class was released last week, and the game has been online for one year.
-No excuses!


feels more like some people cant just get the healing orbs / portals, they arent used to interactive supports


it’s still first 2 weeks & the general impression is the ayayas flooding everything. Give it 1-2 more weeks until everything chills down & be back to where it was before.


People have been lazily Healed by the support without the need to interact with anything, i am part of that problem as well, luckily for me i know all mech and normal attack patterns of all raids so the ammount of damage i take is low.

Remember at the beginning when people used to run away from bard Healing?

Seems like if it was yesterday.


True, I didn’t think about this

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My artist is 1470 and getting a Valtan HM group seems impossible. Get declined, then refresh the group and they have one 1455 bard and nothing else. They had yearning so obviously they are a good choice, but the fact that they declined me before even having a second support lined up is kinda frustrating.

Honestly, I love playing my artist and it’s the only reason I came back, but if this remains the norm and I can’t even play the main class I’ve waited for…what’s the point in playing?

People saying it’ll change, but I’m seeing a LOT of paladins and bards too. I made a DPS set, but…well…sub-5 second declines means people won’t even look at engravings if they see artist.

TL;DR: this isn’t fun.

Edit: I’m getting denied so quickly now that I’m about to go resub to WoW, lol.


I mean from looking at my bard skills, and then looking at my artists… the artist has worse buffs, and requires you to interact with stuff to get any real gain.

I completely understand people not wanting them, worse buffs and I have to pay attention? why would I take that over a bard or pally.

It does make me wonder how many people don’t know that Artist healing globes auto-AoE heal when placed in addition to their interactive heal…assuming they have the engraving, which every single one I’ve seen did.


My Heal Macro is ‘Press G to not die’ after a week of watching players not pressing G and dying.


I’ve seen groups like that rarely, usually they have two artists, sometimes they have one and they’re all 1520+ minus their support friend and only want a yearning support, whatever whatever. I couldn’t find groups for anything on any of my supports the entire week, but it wasn’t from gatekeeping it was simply every group had 2 supports, 99% of the time.

I dunno, probably just go play some other games until Brel HM releases, I guess

No yearning, wont be a thing after a few weeks. But playing without yearning is worse than playing without support.

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Just give it 2 or 3 weeks, try and get your yearning and all gona come back to normal, also right now theres an abundance of suports, when i matchmake whit my pally caliligos, it takes minutes to find me a party while my dps pops nearly insta.

Give it two week and this guy will be begging for people to join his groups once the support surplus ends :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Hope so. Well, not too much hope, but ideally…

That lobby is looking for a DPS though. We have yearning & No ayaya here means they already have actual supports inside.
Also if it’s a brel pug, no lobby is gonna be taking a lvl 50, no tripods, no yearning set support. Best bet is to look for static carry trade or buy a bus.
So not a gatekeep; they titled their lobby in a way that would attract a DPS.


Problem is most Ayaya player just use the heal orbs and never use dmg buff even when all are full hp.

That and not full relic makes the Ayayaya support way weaker then a Bard/Pala Support.


This is normal. A lot of the people who made Artist, or whichever class they decided to use the express on, are going to drop it/stop putting effort into it soon enough just like every other class release. And just like now, every other class release had people denying scouters and reapers and summoners from their lobbies because the average player is going to suck a lot more on a new class than they normally do.

Also understand that there’s 1 support for every 3 DPS, so there’s obviously going to be a lot less spots for you at the moment. You’re going to get denied often in the beginning when there are 10 other supports applying. That’s just the reality. But there’s a reason the majority of players don’t like playing supports and Artist isn’t going to change that for the most part. A lot of DPS players made Artist to get into lobbies easier for easy gold and because of her aesthetic but the gameplay she offers isn’t really for them, so most of them won’t push her far. Once the hype dies down, the support shortage is coming back, especially at higher level game play (which is where you’ll be if you intend on staying around to play the class).

If you really want to play the class but you’re not having fun, come back in a few weeks or stick with it so you catch up to the endgame sooner. Also same advice given to DPS that get gatekept, though it wont really be needed for supports soon enough: join a guild that’ll bring you along in raids so you can actually play the game without playing lobby simulator.

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