Gatekeeping Valtan and Argos is silly

Both of these are incredibly easy content with little to no difficulty whatsoever. Change my mind. Argos literally cannot kill a decent player. If you are abysmal at the game sure Argos could kill you, but the raid is a complete joke. No difficult wipe mechanics, easy phases, doesnt hit hard. The fight is a joke.

Valtan is a bit harder just because he can BS you later in the fight and knock you off. But it is fully avoidable. The wolves are a joke, through HM and NM at this point and pretty positive it isnt possible to wipe to these two.

These are very easy content, yet people still gatekeep it thinking 4x3 engravings matter. There was a guy who joined a lobby I was in, 1460, 5x3 engravings, fully decked out, died first in all 7 attempts at one shotting the first phase before we backed out and left him out of the new party. Ilvl and engravings dont matter. A good player will carry you farther than someone who spent money.

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There are more than enough ppl who have reached valtan normal to just get into another party.

It’s more like that a 1460 5x3 is a better gamer than a 1445 with lvl 2 defense reduction
Stronger (I didn’t say better) players, likely want stronger players in their party
I’m a 1460 4x3 bard, I get into any group that I want, so naturally, I pick the strongest group that I can find. If I’m making my own party, I pick the highest ilvl in the queue

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People will sit in a party finder and deny people for 30 minutes straight because it makes them feel superior to the people applying despite them reaching the necessary gearscore/engravings ect. When i make a group i accept the first 7 people with proper stats relative to their class and go. Game is so easy, but people like to make things seem much harder than it actually is to validate the time and money they’ve spent on the game.


If you don’t like a certain party’s rules, make your own. It’s simple. Be the change you want to see?


People can make the party of whatever they wanted, who are you to tell people what to do? Why should I carry a bunch of 3x3 when I can recruit 3x5 players like me then get the raid done less than 15 minutes?


Yup, these players don’t know that you can clear hard valtan with 3x3 of any class. Ilvl doesn’t mean that they’re good at the game.

But let’s face the facts here, NA/EU regions were built of that meta. High level = pro, low level = gitgud. Nothing has changed and it will never change.

I would just make a party and wait. Eventually I’ll carry the GIGACHAD beasts and just get on with life. Don’t need to trash talk or whatever.

Edit - it’s true you get to do the raid faster. But majority of the time these high ilvl players become complacent and ignore certain mechanics because he/she is way above requirements then dies, apologize and redo. Whilst this also applies to 3x3 engravings(not ignoring mech but plain mistake), it all depends on the trust I guess…

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Simple solution: make your own group and don’t vet anyone else. Be the change you want. :slight_smile:








we are simple people. we see no grudge 3. we do not invite Kappa.

If you see someone with 4 engravings and not 5 will you take it?

Make your own groups.

When I make mine for Valtan it’s simple. At minimum 1460, 2 piece relic, and 5 level 3 engravings. Why? Because I can and I want easy clears.

I don’t want a bunch of general patterns and I want the boss dead fast. I’m also a support at 1495… so I’ll get instant accepted for any group.

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You should only run with 3x3s then. Nobody is stopping you, why are you trying to get into 4x3 5x3 parties if it “doesn’t matter”?

yeah sure.

The content doesnt actually require perfect builds, and to be honest, any body who messes up, or plays poorly can make a run rougher. You could be ilevel 1460 and get one shot, or be grudge/curse meta and die. All 5 engravings usually means is more damage, but I ve never actually seen a dps loss, other than a lot of dead people and two players trying to carry 40% damage.

I’m curious about Vikas what will happen

Vikas isnt in the game, so who knows it. but the thread isnt about Vikas. That said, I doubt that the game drastically changes.

I mean people

just wanna ask something
if you see 2 player applying where,
one clearly has a better ilvl, better stats, better engravings, better gems, better cards than the other one. who will you accept?

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Same thing can happen with the 2x3 engraving or 3x3 they can die in the first 1 min.

Ppls take instead the 5x3 cuz thats a player who care more about hes build and hit harder so the odds are way better.

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i got declined on a P1 argos party.
1375 bard, 3x3, full spec, rest swift.
problem was → only 90 roster