Gatekeeping Valtan and Argos is silly

The only thing you can control in this game is your time spent playing. Everything else is not really up to you. Getting a group that can clear the content quickly and efficiently starts at putting the group together. Why don’t you go into Valtan HM with all 1445 players with 2x3 engravings with 2x1 negatives and see how long it takes to clear.

Obviously in a P2W game you will have players that paid their way to the stuff they have and got carried to the kill they have however that doesn’t change the fact the only way we can gauge players currently is their player power. If you give us meters or some other type of metric that can be shown then we could definitely have less gate keeping based on player power. What about a skill meter or a skill score that shows how well you play your character. 90% of the population wouldn’t make the cut.

You are missing the point.

People will always take the best person applying for a job unless there is nepetism involved (in this case for example real life friend or guildmember).

In a perfect world 25% of all characters on a given level would be supports. In that world groups would fill up fast and since everyone is needed for everyone else to have a group, people would only check if you meet the actual requirements.

BUT we have way less supports than we need. That means that Supports are in high demand and are being taken with as long as they meet the most basic requirements (you could literally be picked to go Valtan Hard with 2x3 Engravings 2 weeks back…).
On the other hand DPS are in very LOW demand, thus there are a lot of applicants which means that you can afford to be very picky and only take the best (4x3 or even 5x3 engravings with 4x3 actually being realistic - it basically just costs pheons plus 1-2k Gold for most classes at this point)

And regarding argument "But there are people with 100x3 engravings that die: It doesn’t really matter, since the characters don’t have “good player” or “bad player” tattooed on their forehead.
All we can go on are Character Statistics.

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problem is, you can’t tell who is best for the job until you play with them. As long as they meet some standard, its basically all the same gamble.

I’m this guy… I don’t consider myself a Lost Ark PhD. I think everything is hard after 1415. Yeah, I am slow to learn, but I love this game, as soon as I learn, I do my best to ace any match. Be patient my friend.


Absolutely bullshit I stay with my char at 1445 4x3 cause I don’t want to main him anymore and I’m always upright fighter.

Saw so often people with 1480 or something who just dies in mechanics …
So doesn’t care how high U are when U can’t bring any DMG to the boss

This “gatekeeping” is normal, you have no metric to differentiate between a “good” and a “bad” player, so naturally you pick the one has the highest chances of succeeding aka the one with the best gear. There is no way to fix this and it will always happen so you better get used to it…

I put gatekeeping in quotes because I don’t consider it is really gatekeeping, it’s just a method player use to increase their chances of success or to reduce the time wasted by getting wiped. I don’t think anyone does on purpose to not allow some players to play.

The only way to get around the “gatekeeping” is to make a party and take anyone who join without looking at the gear, but I doubt you will have much fun. The irony will be that probably you will look at the gear and you will become the gatekeeper :slight_smile:

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WOW, never seen a joke that break down into so many jokes and the joke itself is a joke. NICE joke there, buddy. For the record, this thread title sounds like all the party leaders are jokes because they can pick whatever they want? The context of this thread is just no better than a joke with that title.

If you don’t have 4x3 engravings at hard mode Valtan you’re just lazy and don’t care. I don’t want those people in my groups.

You should have said i dont want dead weights in my party. Raids are meant to be a team game where everyone has their own role and capable in contributing in the party. We dont want dead weights that are being cheap asses on their gear using shit engravings.

seriously it is getting tiring to read all this “Gatekeeping whine”

You want to prove something? Create your own group, run valtan however you want.

If I am 4x3 I want ppl with similar standard in team and I seriously dont care if “hurr durr you can kill it with 1x3 2 min after enrage” I seriously dont care. I create my group, you can create yours. Stop whinning.

Maybe with your “successful groups” you will change ppl oppinion on engravings.

P.S. Most of ppl dont get in to my groups due to bad stats even if they are 5x3 i wont accept “domination sorcs”.

I’d rather not party with people with 300 endurance, 300 expertise, 300 swift, 300 crit, 300 spec, grudge 1, cursed doll 2, class 3… but you’re welcome to do so!

Im fairly certain there are still groups out there who doesn’t cleared valtan NM yet. Last WE I made a reclear group with my Pala Alt and in the end I took a mage with 5x3 1 1 who told me in the end that he /she “finally was able to clear this” we OS both gates. Sadly the mage was dead on both gates…

U know ur example is lacking cause u have no idea if the player ur inviting to ur party is good or not. The only indicator u have is his gear and if it is clean with like the right engravings some 7-8 gems u atleast know that he cares for his char and his performance. Plus his char has the potential to deal a good amount of dps even if he fails some mechs.

On the other hand 4x3 is now the bare minimum. Everyone who still runs with 3x3 isn’t really trying to pull his weight. We all payed alot of hard earned gold to buy some good accessories and stones. And I did it for clean runs so I won’t take 3x3 with me.

It’s not true it’s not related to the staff. You’re just exaggerating now probably there was someone with better equipment

could be. still, i don’t know :slight_smile: but due to my low roster i got declined a lot.

This staff means you play a lot of characters it does not mean you are a less good player

I have 112 and I do not have the strength now to reach 140 or more for example

this post belongs in game discussion. it’s a community issue not an issue with the game.

all you can do is make a party and accept everyone. it’s just so easy that you can probably do it solo yeah?

there’s no way to tell how good a player is until you’re in the raid. you can either gamble with a 4x3 player, or a 2x3/3x3 player, i’m gonna put my money on the 4x3 player. but you go ahead and accept people based on your own rules, you’d be crazy not to accept that grudge 1 enjoyer they could be really good!

yeah must just be an absolute joke, you should have no trouble soloing it, oh wait it requires multiple people to do it perfectly without a support so you dont all bleed to death and yeah no, obviously from your own quote, 1460s are pepega, so it actually looks like it’s a difficult fight.

The beauty of this game is you have the ability to create your own party finder group and accept the players you decide. Consequently, applicants also have the ability to decide whether or not they apply based on their own personal experiences and opinion.

I recently pugged Valtan HM on my alt and I applied for a group where at least 70% of the players had one relic armor, freedom to choose is a powerful thing.

the one who applied first, if he have appropriate stats/engravings
if lower gs player meet my criteria i dont even check highier one

i dont really bother scrolling down unless im looking for support

I do, but i dont have time for Valtan during the week. Do you know how hard it is to find a Valtan group in the afternoons on the weekend? Everyone who wants to do it is done by Saturday.