Gatekeeping Valtan and Argos is silly

You are really going to sarcastically whine because I am right lol The content isnt soloable. Cry more.

im not whining im pointing out your bs, if anything you’re the one whining because you’re not getting accepted into groups with your subpar build.

make your own group and take all the level 1 grudge enjoyers with you, shouldn’t be an issue for you because of how much of a joke the content is

AHHHH this might be the problem, I don’t run grudge, its suboptimal lol

Again, cry more. It isn’t worth my time explaining optimal builds, because you are probably the type of person who will try to tell me Grudge outperforms KBW (it just doesn’t past 82%) at 96% crit rate so therefore I am running a suboptimal build. You are correct tho, with a support the build is over 100% crit rate (i don’t actually know if the game works like warframe where you can double crit with over 100% crit chance??) with 350% crit damage, 4x3 1x1 engravings, 500 swiftness (you know the maximum as a 2nd stat), and is somehow subpar.

I don’t get declined from groups, I am just tired of sitting in groups on a Saturday waiting for 2 hours for the party leader to accept a decent build and stop looking for the cream of the crop. And, I feel for the people who are 3x3 1x2, because I was there once and got declined from most groups, despite the fact I hadnt died to Argos in over a month. This last Saturday I matchmade Valtan HM and first tried it with a group of randoms and 1 support. No wipe. Multiple people without 4x3 5x3 engravings. The only request I would have is for people like you to pull your head out of your ass, get off the high horse, and understand lacking a level of engraving doesn’t mean you are incapable. But hey you keep selling that they are, it is really helping the social aspect of things.

Being gatekept? Make your own party.
Nobody wants to join? Your class / build is the culprit.
Don’t like this fact? Oh wells.

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I mean just make your own party, then you can accept all the plebs with less than 3x3 engravings and low level gems. Then clear the content in one try. EZZZ

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yes i am the one crying here in this post. i’m the one complaining about other people’s decisions to ‘gate keep’, because apparently people are wrong to play and choose how they want. you’re the equivalent of an sjw.

here’s a thought, if you’re “tired of sitting in groups for 2 hours” then stop being a lazy selfish prick and make your own lobby instead of joining someone else’s lobby, in which by doing so you’ve chosen to throw the responsibility of picking players onto someone else who probably doesn’t have the same values as yourself. that way you can accept all the keen blunt 1 enjoyers and start asap.

yep you’re definitely crying, because not once did i say that “lacking a level of engraving” makes anyone incapable, if you’re referring to level 1/2 grudge or keen blunt enjoyers, then you go have a great time playing with those users.

you’re the only one with their head up their ass right now, the comments are stacked against you, all telling you the same thing, go make your own party. have fun with your level 1 keen blunt enjoyers

I play support too. And I can choose my parties. But the question is how do you determine “the strongest group” in party finder? Don’t let yourself be fooled by things like ilvl or expensive engravings. That’s like choosing a good driver by looking at how expensive his car is… Like if there is a ~1450 guy queueing for Valtan normal that just tells you he plays bad and can’t clear hardmode. And if you see a sorc with grudge/cursed doll it’s practically guaranteed she will lie on the floor all the time :smiley:
So usually I’d rather go for a grp with 3*3 no grudge/CD players that are at or slightly above required ilvl that talk to each other in chat, than gigachad whales that look like they do big dmg but don’t know the mechanics or are squishy.

Not Valtan, but when I’m the MVP with 55% dmg on Yoho with my smallest alt on item level with only two lvl2 engravings, shows everything about the playerbase :slight_smile:

Geez! So you’re saying that people are WRONG because they make their own decision to choose how they want? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH!!!

Can you guys let people set the rules of their own groups?

Gear your alts properly and you won’t have issues finding groups or don’t gear them properly and start your own groups with people like you.

Whilst I wouldn’t say that they are a ‘joke’; as I’d put Raid Finder fights in WoW as a joke. But neither are they difficult if you know what you’re doing, as in knowing your character, the class and the boss mechanics as well as anything a support might be giving you.

Item level helps, but isn’t an indicator of capability. All it demonstrates is how lucky a person has been (and for some reason it really grates people with high item levels when you point out that their item level is completely unconnected to their skill at the game). Maybe they were lucky in getting that relic gear, maybe they were lucky in getting ‘something’ good enough to sell to buy their relic gear. Maybe they just bought the gold straight up, legitimately or not. But gear does not make a player ‘good’ in this game. It’s as simple as that.

This problem is further compounded by the honing system; you can find 7 other ‘good’ players but if one of them has a string of bad luck then they’ll be left behind and you need to find a new ‘good’ player.

So I fully agree that a good player will bring more than a well decked out bad player, but we have no way of knowing the good from the bad in the party finder screens; instead we have item level, stats, engravings, gems and cards and hope for they know how to use them.

People need to realize that anytime you make your own group and you pick 3 of the 10 applicants to join your party, you just gate-kept the other 7 players that you didn’t give the spot to.

You’re going to be gate kept and you’re also going to gate keep.

It’s going to happen. Get over it.

Finding a good team is a miracle! A lot of people play bad. Once one dies in a group it already lowers everyone’s morale


You come to complain that it is easy and it cost them 7 attempts to kill only phase 1? haha my god

There are people still struggling with wolves for some reason. Ive joined 3 groups this week with people who didnt understand the bleed mech or where to put the wolves during invasion.

Normal is pretty much a joke. But hm you actually start taking dmg imo. If you are on ilvl youll take pretty decent dmg if you dont know the patterns.

But if you are 1460, you are more tanky and do pretty good dmg.

Also there will always be gatekeeping in party finder. People are gonna choose what they feel is best for their group. If its between 1445 and a 1460 for the last spot. The leader is more than likely gonna pick the 1460.

How to identify a good player in pug? Roster level maybe? Me and my mate run 8 and 10 Valtan per week. We take whatever looks okay, and of cause we gonna pick whoever looks better than others.

Dw only bad players gatekeep. Good players have no fear!

Doesnt hit hard? He can do serious damage against 1450s, not enough to kill but enough to make you potion up without supports.

His pizzas also do very strong damage if caught off guard. The p2 is pretty easy and some wipe mechs in p3 can throw you and your party for a loop.

Argos isnt meant to be a level 15/10 difficulty bullet hell game that kills you for trying. Its an mmo, not dark souls.