Gear Convert Relic Impossible

The little Bouton under the character on my character profile that allows me to convert relic gear just vanished for more then 1 week is there a reason (On my main and also on all my alt)

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I apologize you’re having issues with the button disappearing from your screen.
In order to try some steps to fix this please verify the integrity of the game via steam to make sure it’s not a visual bug:

Looking forward to your response!

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I Already does this multiple time and still ain’t working I just buy all accesories for my character + engravings but can’t play because of the set if you can help me asap thx a lot

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I just found that I never do the Quest that unlock it

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Hi @Saderoti

Thank you very much for your response on how you solve this.

I’m glad it was the Quest and not a problem with the game.

If you need something else let me know to assist you.

Thank you very much for your patience.
See you in Arkesia!

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