Gear Honing resources

I’m completely aware that this is grinding game but cuz of succes chance i can’t play with friends at all, they’ve been lucky and upgraded to T2 wayyy faster than me, now i do the daily content just to fail those 4 chances. I don’t say that this should be removed but i think there should be more ways to get resources to upgrade gear, i did all the islands, didn’t know that i should do Tower on alt first to get resources on main, it isn’t described anywhere. Consider adding more ways to get Honing resources.

Did you try going to the ships near ports? They have some honing mats for pirate coins. There’s 1 next to vern.

Did all the things i can, farmed chaos, sea merchants, abyss, guardians, chaos gate, daily quests, it takes like 3-4h a day but in the end i get only 3-4 chances to upgrade, obviously failed

Are you sure you’ve exhausted all of your options? Symael exchange, merchant ships, and chaos exchange (infinite chaos) are all ways to snag extra mats weekly. 2 powerpasses for two 302 alts to feed mats to your main as well.

Also if leapstones are your bottleneck, make sure you are doing your Una’s dailies and pick the ones with leapstones as rewards.

Another tip would be to run chaos gates and find a group that will share secret map locations for breaths and check the market for honing books if you are on +14 trying to get the last upgrade.

thats the game basically… at some point it will take you 1 day per upgrade-chance… then it will take 3 days per try etc etc.

is it a good system? imo no
does it provide equal opportunity? no
is it gonna split communities/guilds/friends/raids? yes

but it is what it is and its unlikely to change for us (us = EU/NA)

I don’t see why you need to rush this. You will all get to that point anyway. Make sure you do island quests as well as those give a ton of honing resources. Other than that this is pure RNG.