Gear honing stopped working

My issue started almost 2 weeks ago, when I reached ilvl 1420.

Countless attempts to level up failed, not a single level up in over 10 days.

My artisan energy is maxed out on 100% on my entire gear, I left it there to show that there is an issue with Honing.

I enjoy the game but not being able to level up 1 level after so many days if playing is a buzz kill. I really need someone to checkout if there is a bug…

Is there any other explanation why honing simply stopped upgrading, no matter how many times I try.

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There is not any bugs in honing.

Don’t expect to succeed hones at less than 100% Artisan’s energy. If you do, you’re lucky and that’s it.

just bad luck honing roll it now

Always go with the pity mindset, anything before that is a bonus.