Gear issues depending on gender ( with pics ), and a solution

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The issue:

The female characters and their gear progression is inconsistent with the male characters, the changes caused the male characters to retain a more cohesive and consistent sense of progression and identity than their counterpart.
The male Martial Artist for example still looks like a Martial Artist from the beginning and like he is wearing a base ‘’ beginner ‘’ outfit.
The female Martial Artist on the other hand looks like she is a fully armored Knight with and without the gear

The Gunner also changes from her identical in KR/ RU to a full black suit with a big ornamental jacket that looks more like a skin from the store than a ‘’ beginner Gunner ‘’.

This is also an issue with the gear icons not reflecting the gear and how the gear more consistently accurately reflects the gear on male characters.
For example if I create a new Martial Artist ( male ), after I pick my destiny I get a new gear set and the model of the gear set accurately reflects the gear icons and changes his appearance.
If I take this gear off my character goes back to his base state that he had after creation.
On Female Martial Artist this is not the case, her model doesn’t change when she gets the starting gear or when you take it off and it doesn’t accurately reflect the gear icons.

This creates feedback issues with icons and equipping/ unequipping gear that does not exist on KR/ RU, on every female character.


I have a proposed solution to this which would retain what Amazon wants to do and also solve this problem, and at the same time also retain authenticity.
Make the new starting gear that you get after you exit the first area and begin the prologue this ‘’ new set ‘’ ( the Knight one for Martial Artist ).
However revert their base appearance ( no gear equipped ) to how it is in Korea.

This will solve both the problem of gear you equipp/ unequipp not being accurately reflected, make the male and female characters consistent, and it will also make the game more accurate to Korea.
And you will also get to have your ‘’ new starting gear ‘’ while retaining authenticity.

It seems like the most logical solution that will both solve the issue, make the gear progression more consistent and also make everyone happy?
Everyone gets what they want.

Pictures to showcase and make what I am talking about more clear, please pay attention to the icons and also the model and when gear is and isn’t equipped:

The female Gunners set she gets at the beginning is accurately reflected by the icons.
However it doesn’t change my feedback on the visual and progression issue.

A much better way of going about this that would be less controversial and also not cause these sorts of issues would be to add the ‘’ new models ‘’ on the side instead of overriding the already existing models.
I don’t believe that people want to have to scavenge for white drops just to get the original gear as intended by the Korean developers…
The rewards and models should be the same, if Amazon wants to add extra skins then those should be optional and extra rewards not something that replaces and overrides the original like this.
Especially not permanently like with the unequipped state, which I also think makes no sense it’s especially apparent with Gunner ( note how much more ‘’ developed ‘’ she looks with no gear on in the prologue than with gear on? ).

The original should be the default, whatever Amazon creates should be the other option.

Edit: I reordered the pics, got uploaded in wrong order.


Seriously, can we not even get an acknowledgement on this at all?
All we ever get is responses to people who frame it as ‘’ booba ‘’, there are greater problems with this.

When you equip and unequipp gear it should change your model that is how it works in every other game.
There should be a visual indication that you’ve equipped gear or taken it off.
And when this is only an issue with one gender it also becomes a gendered problem, on male characters when you equip and unequipp gear there is a visual indication.
It makes the female characters feel incomplete and illogical, it erases that sense of visual feedback.

When you start a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 they don’t start in a store skin or look like they’re wearing endgame armor.
And when you equip your first gear it changes your model.
And the Male and Female characters in Diablo 3 also look consistent with each other when they first start, the same way that the Male and Female Gunner initially do look like they have the same theme and aesthetic in Lost Ark until the prologue and onwards where suddenly the Female Gunner wears a store skin…