Gear Preset not saving properly if items have same name

I know in one of the recent patches, it allowed you to equip items with the same now. The problem that I have been running into is if I want to save a preset using let’s say two earrings with the name “Fallen Chaos Earrings” on both of them, the preset seems to only save with one of them pieces equipped, leaving the other slot empty.


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Sorry to see this is happening to you! This problem can be frustrating :confused: .

What is your character name and your server?

I have the same issue. When a preset has two accessories with the same name, such as “Fallen Chaos Earring” – I can wear them. But when I switch off and back to that preset, only one of the “Fallen Chaos Earring” will be equipped. I have to manually re-equip the second accessory. The second accessory is labeled visually under the right preset number.

Example is my character Gywogust on the server Mari.
This happens consistently on my other characters on Mari as well.

My character is Ashulah on Una server

Thank you! I’ll send this problem over to the development team for further review for you.

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Bumping this because it has been super annoying for many players, especially supports that require multiple gearsets / presets (including myself).

Would be awesome to hear from someone that this is finally being fixed.

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The development team has been made aware of this problem and is looking into it, however I unfortunately cannot provide a definitive date for a fix.