Gear progression is a joke and bad for the health of the game

First off, it’s way too easy to cap item level, because everything is hidden behind annoying RNG. Sure you can get plenty of fail that will delay your end game goal, but in the end everyone can achieve it.

The issue is that it leads to idiots polluting matchmaking or even people selling the “carry” services for such content. IF high item lvl players join low lvl raid , their stats should be scalled down, so content doesnt turn in to a joke and people abusing the system.

Im feed with all the clowns who are too lazy to watch 3min guide video on YT and rather waste everyone else time, because they keep dying or killing whole raid due to not knowing the mechanics, not using flares, granades, etc.

TL:DR lock the end game content behind solo achievements where you cant get carried so easily with $ (yes you can still pay real $ to other players who will log in to your acc and do the content, but it’s risky and not many will fall for it)


I think a scaling down feature should be in place. Just scale people to recommended GS+ 20% . So a 300 raid should give you a maximum of 360 stats.
You get to keep engraving passives which is a big boost already.
Doing abyss phantom palace with 600 GS was just funny. No need for mechanics . Just blast trough it all

Ez solution, get friend and run all the content with them

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I personally want to experiment the game. Watching YT tutorial how to do it is like giving somebody else the account and just watching them doing it (but without spending money). As far as i can see, you were opposed to it, so IMO you’re contradicting yourself.

What’s your problem with people boosting in exchange of $?
You don’t have to do it and people doing it are spending their time.

Personally i don’t like the $$$ boosting either, but i’m not the one watching tutorials how to play the game instead of playing the game.

Easy solution for those raids: you should be able to host your own group do dungeon and decide who to invite to balance the game to your liking. OH WAIT! That’s already implemented.

Real question here i’m going after is, are you personally offended/troubled that some people are getting further in the game than you?

No I think he’s more about excluding “unworthy” players with high ilvl. He wants a way to weed players out. It’s like this in every MMO.

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Thanks for clarifying.

I think i got the message, but could it be that they have grinded to high ilvl and just are running the dungeon/raid for the first time and don’t know the mechs?

I agree. What is the point of complex game mechanics when most people skip them by getting carried? There needs to be a cap for ilvl for that content. No skipping should be allowed whatsoever.

I think currently there is a difference in the content. Most Abyss dungeons can’t just be carried.

Guardian raids on the other hand, they can be carried. However I also think there are a lot of players out there that are just equally tired of the hit point sponge guardian raids that aren’t particularly difficult, but are time consuming.

I know within our guild we have a number of players that just swap off between running everyone’s alts through guardian raids to blow through them because they currently take a lot of time - not that they are particularly difficult.

And I think Boosting people through guardian raids is eventually going to feel far more like the former than the later.

If you want to learn all mechanics by yourself and “enjoy” the game content, feel free to do so, but at least make a custom lobby or queue with your friends.

Some of us have limited time to play between long login queue in the first place and we do not like wasting more time on the content which we already cleared in the past.

It’s like going to work without any skill and exp and expecting everyone else to do stuff for you, not because you’re new, but because you are too LAZY to watch that few mins guide.

Not everyone is a “SUPER ELITE” Player like you, deal with it. Some don’t understand mechanics well, other know the mechanics bust still have a hard time dealing with them and others play the game… wait for it… just for fun (shocking I know) and if they encounter an obstacle like a guardian raid boss or abyssal dungeon boss that they can’t overcome on their own they rather pay 500 Gold or whatever to get that obstacle out of the way to continue with the content.

Everyone should know best what they do with their gold/money and I don’t see a problem with people offering these services if they have the time and of course want to get a bit of compensation out of it. It doesn’t concern you in the least, you do not have to use these services from these players.


Haha. Yeah please tweak the game because its new and players are OBVIOUSLY going to be bad at first. Find a way to deal with it. Matchmaking can be pretty tough. But there’s party finder where you can “filter” the people you let in your party. Why everyone expects that the minute they don’t like something somebody else has to solve their problems? I was also struggling with dungeons etc and guess what? I tweaked my build spend the time to research and min max my stats and now I am carrying. If somebody doesn’t know mechanics, spend 3 mins to explain? Abyssals are hard to pug, but that’s the idea. Get in a guild, find people that are good at the game and enjoy your company etc. So triggered by this mentality in this forum. You being unable to deal with certain things doesn’t mean the game is flawed. It means that you have the problem solving skills of a 10 year old. And if that’s the case, well… Play something appropriate for your age.


10 years old arent even allowed to play according to the TOS.