Gear replaced bug

Hi gamemasters,

I’d like to report a bug that happened to my paladin today.

As I log on my T2 paladin today, I found most of his honed legendary gear has been replaced with unhoned rare gear, with an exception of the shoulder piece. Please see the pictures below.

As you can see my earned ilvl is way above my equiped ilvl. I’ve double checked to make sure the gears are not mistakenly moved into my bag or storage.

I found someone facing very similar issue as I do. Here is the link to his/her post: Bug: piece of equipment is missing

I wonder if you can take a look at this issue and possibly recover the gear asap? My paladin is Mariatia at Azena, US East.


Hello @cheungylchaos Welcome to the Forums!

I am sorry to hear about the missing gear or in this case the replaced gear, normally in cases where the items go missing I would recommend to reload the game, this is because in some cases the game may no get all the information correctly from the server, I would recommend to give it a try and log out and log back in.

If you still don’t see your gear I would recommend to contact us directly so we can investigate what happened to the items and recover them:

Hope you have a great rest of your day!

Hi Fostus,

Thanks for the response.

I actually logged a ticket with the live chat support. The ticket number is V554789521.

However it’s been nine days and I still haven’t heard back. Any idea how this typically should proceed?