Gear transfer and honing with ancient gear

I need an explanation on how gear transfer and honing will work with incoming ancient gear.

  1. Does gear transfer to ancient also increase ilvl?
  2. Does the gear need to be level 2 (kakul upgrade) in order to be upgraded to ancient?
  3. If I have correctly understood, the character need to have all 6 pieces of gear upped to Brelshaza, is it right?

How are we supposed to farm all those honing shards needed to go beyond level 20?!
Will you add any content for that? It’s nearly impossibile even to hardcore gamers to level up main and alts mainly due to silver and shards.

If you have an alt that has 6 brel peices then you get the achievement for ancient gear. Achievements are roster wide so you don’t need to have 6 piece on every character,but only on one.

Hope this helps!

Only stats are a little bit increased and the max honing level rises from +20 → +25

Who says that you need to go beyond 20?

+19 x6 until Akkan.

1: No
2: Idk
3: Yes

How to get beyond lvl20? Over time… its not a rush. Also dont lvl main and alts over 20+… you have to chose one main or it will cost you a lot of stuff.

1/ no it doesn’t
2/ no.
3/ just one char is enough since the achiev is roster wide.

+20 honing costs a lot in itself (from +19) & upwards it’s a sink for shards/resources up to 25+, usually whales/spenders go for +25 weapons. But it’s not mandatory for Elgacia/Akkan.

Thanks for your replies. I suppose that 1590 will be enough even for Brelh Hard g5-6 being 30 ilvl overgeared.

in theory , 1580 is the most efficient spot , cause Kayangel ( Elgacia) hard 4 dungeon is 1580 and akkan Normal mode aswell ( where you get the next real itemlvl-honing transition)

getting gear from +19 to +20 hurts really if you go artisan

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