Gear transfering

say i have a +11 tier 3 weapon. if i transfer it over to a legendary tier 3 will it still be at +11? I got pwned when my last gear upgraded the tier 2 stuff to just +1. I wouldn’t have lvld like I did if I knew that.

+15 T2 → T3 is supposed to take it to +1 it’s how the game works
Going from epic to leg 1302 base will retain the honing level
Going from +15 on a 1302 to 1340 base item will reduce it to +6


so should i just stop honing it at 11 you think and just wait till i get a legendary and start from scratch on that one? +1 is nothing. and +6 from a 15 i am just not sure if that would be cost effective.

T3 epic gear stops at 1370 (+15). You cannot hone past it. Legendary and Relic T3 sets go to +25. the reduction to +6 keeps it in line with getting to +25

I really think you need to research how it works. You have everything backwards and wrong.
T2 15 > T3 is meant to make it +1. That’s on purpose and a good thing and improves your ilvl.

T3 15 (1302) > T3 (1340) is meant to make it +6. It’s not a downgrade, it’s an upgrade.

well i guess i will +15 it and take the 9 point downgrade if it doesn’t really matter.

there is zero reason to hold onto old gear it’s just clutter.
hone to +15 then transfer to the new gear you get

and +6 from a 15 i am just not sure if that would be cost effective.

You have to take it to +15, as that enables you to enter the instance to get the item you need to make the legendary gear. You then transfer the +15 to it and the gear is then +6 and is 1370 ilvl
If you were to hold onto your old gear and level it up from 0 that would be super inefficient and very cost ineffective

Your ilvl stays the same, and it makes the honing easier. Why would you not want it to go back to +6.

my first two sets of gear i got i didn’t pay attention to the transfer stuff. I have two complet 15 sets of tier 1 stuff i can do nothing with. so much waisted mats and gold. :frowning:

That’s a mega yikes.