Gear Tripod Prioritazion are Getting Worse

So after the patches,

Gear Tripod are kinda confusing, here’s a sample case :

Let’s say I want Skill Tripod A Lv.3 and already tag it on my skill tree. I already have Skill Tripod A Lv. 2 on equipped on my Weapon

  • Before the patches, I wouldn’t see any Skill Tripod A Lv.2 and below anymore from the gear piece loots I got coz it’s already equipped on my weapon
  • After the patches, I would still see Skill Tripod A Lv 2 and below, and even if I already has it on my weapon, the gear piece that contain another skill tripod A Lv.2 still can be seen as a potential STN Gear in the Gear Transfer section as long as its not on Weapon

Is this intended? Coz for me personally this kinda make it worse than before imo

it’s been like this for me ever since i hit t3. if i have a tripod lvl3 equipped, i would still get and not dismantle tripod lvl1

Auto dismantling is different tho, what I mean is,

There’s a mark on the item that has tripod that we tag right?
Before the patch, Those mark will be gone if we already equipped the same lvl or higher tripod, but now those mark are still there for same lvl or below and still detected in the transfer gear also even if we already equipped it

yeah it doesn’t auto dismantle and i still see the tripod track mark on the lvl1 gear