Gearing 1340 alts


May I ask if there is any proper way to gear alts on 1340? I dont wanna BiS equipment but what should I focus? Stats or engravings? Is 2x3 enough for an alt on this level? Or should I aim for 3x3?


Honestly same problem here - 6 alts 1340 none has more than 1 engraving because i am not willing to spend 2k gold for a 1340 accessory and other than that the AH is pretty empty in that range… If you are not lucky you will end up with 1 Engraving until 1370…

I geared my 1340x5 Alts with 2-3 max engravings which is enough at that range.

But they are since upgraded to 1370+ with 3-4 max engravings at the moment.

I think you should still focus on best engravings for the class, it helps at later stages of gearing.

1340 sure only bee 2 full engraving if you have luck with stone may have 3 engraving level means 2 full engraving and level 1_2
3 engraving
After reaching the 1370 in Alt u can have all full 3 engraving without wasting more than 25 pheon…

It’s totally okay for 1340 alts to be 2x3 (lvl 3 class engraving and lvl 3 primary, check on maxroll what it should be, probably either Hit Master or Keen Blunt).

1370 is when you want to properly gear your alts, with Argos accessories should be easy 3x3 and if you’re lucky with your stone maybe even 3332.

EDIT: As for the stats, primary stats take precedence but at 1340 you should have correct stats and 2x3 engravings to not suffer from “gate-keeping”. Sometimes even if you engravings are okay the parkour in stats is what make people reject you.

My leftover 1340 alts have class engraving and some stuff I picked up at some point. I only buy accessories 1370+

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2 x class engraving and as much of the proper stat as possible, if it’s just for igrexion then it’s not that hard content.

Once they hit 1370 go for proper stats and engravings.

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Correct stats (one minor stray could be fine but depend on class), 1x3 or 1x3+1 engraving (maybe your class engraving, depends on class), work towards 2x3 engraving if you want or don’t, get purple gear and accessories if you can. Don’t buy from AH, waste of pheons.

Incorrect spread out stats is the first reasons people reject you, and must have class engraving (depend on class) is another reason. gatekeepers will ask for 3x3 or 2x3 but you better not play with them.

Dont do it gear alts only at 1370, every content before 1370 do not require any proper engv. Maxout class engv and drop jewelery with correct stats.

I dont gear them until at least 1370 and even then, i go for a budget build. No best in slot.

The proper, and only good way to gear a 1340 alt is to hone to 1370 and then get legendary accessories. That will be enough for a long time.

Thanks for the answers! :slight_smile:

I found out that doing Class Engraving In equipment and use Stone+Jewellery to get 2 other Engraving at Lv3 was the cheapest way at 1340.

For Example, on my Striker:

  • 2x Class Engraving (Epic maxed)
  • Stone 5+/5+
  • Jewellry with +1/+2

And you can easily get a 3x3 Engraving setup. Just shop for the cheapest engraving on Jewellery, such as Ambush Master, Increase Mass, Raid Captain, etc.

I know they are not the best in slot, but they are rather cheap and still provide nice damages boost and its far enough for the current T3 stuff you have access at 1340.

You dont gear 1340. Wait till 1370, just focus on raising one alt to 1370 at a time. 1340 is such a bad place for alt right now.

i’ve 5 x 1340 alts i gotta say i made them all 3x3 with their main stats, except Bard (she is 2x3) and I love the result. I enjoy playing them and with 3x3 clearing freaking igrexion is so much easier. It depends on how long you planning to stay at 1340 too… my alts may be 1340 for like 2 months or something :'D

Rule n1: Don’t even think of wasting pheons on epic stuff, because the cost is ridiculous.

Equip 2x class in slot, if you get anything else by luck, good. If not, whatever.
Just make sure to have perfect stats, no expertise etc.

Cut the first stone you get with decent accessories and that’s it.

The only issue is that some classes are way better with only one engraving than others, but Igrexion and normal Oreha are joke content, so it doesn’t even matter.

When I get 1370, I actually buy 100 pheons because that stuff will be good all the way up to 1460 or something, which means months upon months.

I cut some stones, if I can’t get 6+6 I settle for 33311 or 3332 with legendary stuff. Then I buy the accessories and that’s it for the gear investment on that alt.

You do not have to think about engravings. Just invest in getting to 1370 and then you will have to get a 6/6 stone and start building your character

then you will have to get a 6/6 stone and start building your character

No, you really don’t.
Obviously it’s better, but you can spend tens of thousands and not get it, like I didn’t on my main.

Easier to get 6/6 than 7/7 from experience at least he will have it no need more than four engravings five it will take longer

But you don’t need 7+7 if you’re not upgrading to relic gear before like 1460 or something. We all cleared HM Valtan with legendary stuff without experience, so doing it on alts will not be a problem.

7+7 is for 5x3, when you get 1415 on alts it’s enough to get 6+6 for 4x3 with legendary stuff.

6+6 is 14% chance with legendary stone, but only on paper. In reality you can spend 50k+ gold and never get it, like I did.

Then the other day I got 6+7 on my alt with a random stone. It’s a huge gold sink and a really stupid thing to do.