Gearing 7th char

so as all u know already. u can only get gold on 6 chars from any raid. I got 6 chars at legion raids. 5 at Vykas and 1 at Valtan. I got a 7th i just got to 1370 waiting to be geared up from Argos, Oreha. To gear up this char i’d have to not let my sorc which is 1415 do any raids so I can gear up my SF. how did u guys who has a 7th char gear it up?

what? Like everyone. From the drops you get and from the gold the other 6 generate.

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the limitation is only on gold not loot :slight_smile: so continue raid on your hl and do your donjon and raid on your 7th after or don’t select it for the gold earning

what are you smoking…just do the content and don’t make gold with the sf you still earn more on 1415 then the 1370


You know you can still gear your 7th char doing those raids. You just wouldn’t get the Gold Reward, everything else you get I believe. You can still gain gold from your 6th sorc.

We left them out to dry for a while. Doing the silver daily.

right i forgot u can still buy the boxes…

Make a new roster on a different server so you get gold again

Wait, are you saying gold is regionwide? o-o

yes if you buy your own accessories

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Holymoly time to make more alts on different servers

Crystalline aura is region wide too so you dont need to worry about bifrost

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i can barely keep up with 6 chars. imagine a new 6 roster

lol I have 15 raid ready chars :skull:

Just do yoho simulator with your seventh class and farm gems, accessories, red and blue stones, honor leapstones and rocks through daily grind. Repeat and sell again and again until Amazon gives free power pass and do the same thing for your 8th character.

Nopers sounds like absolute pain.