Gearing after Tier 3 +15, with update incoming

I just hit 1415, and I’m wondering if I should keep upgrading past +15, or after the Valtan update it will get easier?

Should I do it now, or wait?

It won’t get easier. Aim for +17 (1445). Then the next target is 1460. It wont get easier for end game content levels. 1340 - 1370 might get easier not 1445.
Hell 1370-1415 might even get easier, but nothing agter that.

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1415 will get easier once we get all the mats resources like, trial guardian/abyss and other stuff we are missing

there is no reason to wait… Just continue tapping ur gear, i assume it will make valtan easier and u’ll be closer to getting ready for hard mode valtan, or invest into alts and get them valtan ready